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    I had my urine sampled and it has come back negative. I am leaking all the time. As soon as I sit on the toilet or move to the end of my chair to cath, the pee is just squirting out. I have called my urologist but they don't get back to me. I live in a town where there is only one urologist otherwise I have to drive an 1 1/2 to a different facility. Not sure what is going on with my bladder. I am taking a med called Prose, it is a blue pill that turns your pee blue. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. I have not been able to go to work this week. I am a little over 1 year from my T7 T8 complete injury. I also take detrol at night.

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    I agree. You do not have a UTI, and not just because your urine specimen was negative, but because you have no symptoms of a UTI other than leakage. It is very likely that your bladder is changing as it does over the first 1-2 years post injury, and that the problem is uncontrolled bladder spasm (instability) of your bladder.

    How much Detrol do you take? Is it regular or extended release? Have you tried other anticholenergic meds (Ditropan, Vesicare, Sanctura, etc. etc.) either alone or in combination with the Detrol? When did you have urodynamics, and what did it show as far as your type of neurogenic bladder, and maximum pressures?

    Who put you on the Prose? It is rarely helpful or appropriate for people with SCI. It is primarily used for ABs who have bladder spasms and pain with a regular UTI.

    You may need to travel to find a good neurologic urologist who knows the fine points of bladder management in SCI. You may be a candidate for Botox injection of your bladder if you have failed with all the oral medications. You might be a good candidate to try intravesical Ditropan (instilling liquid Ditropan into your bladder 2-3X daily). I assume your usual bladder management is intermittent catheterization?

    Until you can get more help for these problems from a urologist, you may need to wear an external condom catheter between your catheterizations to keep you dry and avoid skin breakdown.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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      If you are taking Detrol and not Detrol LA, it is only good for 12 hours and meant to be taken twice a day for better control.

      At about a year out, my bladder went nuts on me too. I trial'ed almost every bladder med on the market before I found one that worked. Then a couple years later I had to change again.

      I would immediately start taking Detrol night and morning and see how that helps. If that doesn't do it, you will need to start trying the different ones out there, they seem to be really unique on how they work for individuals.

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        I have got a patch with Oksybutynin, I have only tried a few days but it seems to be working better than all the other medications I have tried. It is called Kentera but it is never the same name here.
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          I was given the prose and have only taken it one time before and it seemed to help the last time but now it is not doing the trick. I take 4mg of detrol LA at night. I have not tried any other med you mentioned. Should I limit my liquid intake? Should I avoid caffeine or alcohol like I would if I had a UTI not that I drink lots, 1 coffee in the am and 1 glass of wine in the pm. How would I find a good neurologic urologist and know they know about SCI patients? Not sure what you are referring to with the urodynamics (I did have an ulra sound kind of proceedure where they took pictures of my bladder before and after cathing. I came back as good. Thanks for the help because I am feeling rather alone in this battle. I do not have any wheelchair buddies in the area so the doctors around here are not very knowledgeable in my situation.


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            Since you are taking LA, can you switch to taking it in the morning? This would give you more control during the day, but would mean you would need to limit fluids before bedtime.

            For me, the LA and XR versions of the meds never "kept up" for a whole day. I had to take the basic version twice a day.
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