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  • new sci injury t10!

    well Im 5 weeks in from a gun shot injury. Im a t-10 complete and im not sure about the "complete" part for one. I have got a few small things back like my bcr reflex as well as feeling of my blatter and bowle altought im not going on my own yet. I was told it was shock trama is what the hospital told me after a MRI. I am now and a rehab facility and they have taken x-rays And the bullet did not hit my spine!! It did enter on my left side and exited on my right side. so I am currently paralized from the waist down. I am hopefull considering it did not hit my spine. I also got a MRI today but have not got the results yet. How long does shock trama last? what are my chances for recovery?

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    Its no telling but any sensation is a plus! When it comes to recovery only through your progress and gain can give you the results to how your life will be as a SCI. The most important thing is O/T and P/T.. When you do get home make sure to get a padded shower chair cost 100 in ebay.. Toilet seat rise and i glued slippers for pads on it. There arehings the certain they dont prepare you for as leakage. There is a pill that will help control that and a few basic things. Private message me and I will give you my number and I can offer a little that I know through my expirence.. Take care and God bless my prayers are with you and the family..
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      Just the fact that the bullet did not hit your spine is reason to celebrate. Hopefully when the shock wears off you will have lots of return. Good luck and work hard at your recovery!


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        I think you are asking how long spinal shock (not shock trauma) lasts. It varies with the individual. It is defined as the period of lack of reflexes below the level of injury. Since you now have your BCR (bulbocavernosus reflex), you are technically over spinal shock, although it may take several more weeks or months to completely resolve. A BCR is not a predictor of getting neurologic return though. It just tells us that you are 1) through spinal shock and 2) that you have reflex activity (ie, an intact lower motor neuron) at your S2-4 level. This can be a predictor for the type of neurogenic bowel and bladder you may have, and is also a good predictor for having at least some reflex erections.

        If you want to know more about level of injury and the meaning of complete and incomplete, here is a good article by Dr. Young:


        It is common that in gun shot wounds that the cord can be severely damaged even if the bullet does not go through the spine or spinal cord. Much of this damage is from the shock wave and heat generated by the bullet as it passes through soft tissues. This can rupture or "cook" spinal cord pathways without the bullet touching them. Only time will tell how severe the damage has been, and if you will get any return. The most return usually occurs in the first 3 months, and any during that time is a good predictor for getting some more later. It is common to not see the maximum amount of return for at least 2 years.

        Where are you in rehab? I assume you were at the Shock-Trauma hospital in Baltimore initially?

        (PS: You will find people more willing to talk and share with you here if you will complete your personal profile.)
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