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    My name is William. I just joined this forum. I wanted to join so that i can get info and hear others stories. I was in a motorcycle accident May 23rd, 2010. I was coming up on a turn and couldnt see how sharp the turn was. i turned as hard as i could to make the turn, i would of made the turn if it wasnt for gravel in the middle of the road. the gravel made my bike skip which threw me off head first into the gaurdrail. I suffered a t-6 compression fracture. Im in the army and going through a med board process which means ill be getting out soon. Im also married and my wife is in the army too also getting out for me. so far its been 10 months post injury. I can feel my bladder getting full so i know when i have to use a cathater and i know when i have to go number 2. I can feel my legs being moved and know when people grab and mess with my legs and feet. Its like i can feel everything in the inside but cant feel the outside. I have alot of spasms. I recently started bening able to flex my back muscles all the way down to my tail bone. i can also push out my stomach and very little suck it in. I would like to hear from other people how theyre healing is going so that i can stay positive. thank you all for reading and sharing. talk to u soon

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    Hi William,
    Welcome to the forum! I am sorry about your accident, but glad you found us. You will learn a lot here, and there are a lot of people who can share information with you. It sounds like you are doing pretty well and that you are starting to get back some recovery, always a good thing. Thanks for your Army service too.


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      thanks for the reply


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        Hey Will its unfortunate you had to find and meet us all this way. I was taken back a bit by your circumstances. My name is Will and I had pretty much a spot on motorcycle accident like yours May of '09 leaving me T6 incomplete as well. Its hard not to compare yourself to other people. Every injury while the accident might be the same is still so different. Just hope for the best and keep your head up.


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          T-6 Incomplete 10 months post injury

          I injured myself in a motorcycle accident 10 months ago, i had a compressed fracture at t-6. So far i have no nerve pain, just soreness on my back. I can feel my bladder when its full so i know when i have to go. i also feel when i have to go #2. I can feel my legs move around and when pressure is applied to them. I feels like i can feel everything fin the inside but just cant feel the surface. I can suck my stomach in but barely but i can push it out far, is that a sign that my abs are working? I can feel myself pass gass lol, and in some cases push it out. when i think or consentrate on moving my legs it feels like pressure builds up like blood rushes to them then that feeling goes away when i stop thinking bout it. could this be a sign that my motor tracks are intact but my spinal cord is still to hurt to allow them to move? Ive noticed that when i started taking high doses of B vitamins that within a week ive felt sensory changes and less pain. my muscles are starting to loosin up and im feelin less stiff. Like I said its like i feel everything in the inside but not the outside. Who else has these feelings?


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            Hi William, sorry to hear of your accident, you found the best place for info.

            Sounds like you have a great deal of potential for recovery. It will be a long hard road but stay strong and amazing things will happen.

            This forum is filled with knowledgable, caring individuals that will answer all of your questions. They have done it for me for the past 18 months.

            Wish you much success!