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    I hope I am doing this right because this is the first time of ever using this. I was injured in the month of June in 2009. I hit my head on the bottom of a pool causing a c5 break. Since my injury I really haven't regained much back. Wrist control, some triceps, can feel touch all over and can move my pinky toe from side to side. My spasms are horrible but they have my legs tone still. What I am wondering is if there was anybody out there like me going on their two year mark that recovered and walked. If there is what do they believe helped them?

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    Hello flanigan. My Son had your same accident June 2010. His is c5 shattered and c6 damaged. He has wrist control but not moving fingers but is starting to move his thumbs some. He feels touch all over but can not feel hot or cold on his legs. We have started standing in a standing table and he is up to 30 minutes, some days his blood pressure drops so much he can not stand that long. He has started moving his left leg some, just not all the time. Like you his spasams are really bad, he can control them sometimes.I am new to this site as well. Chad has only been home since dec 2010. I had to quit my job and now his care taker. Would like to have more conversation with you as you are a year ahead of Chad. He just turned 29 in Jan.You can see videos at chadlappsrecovery on fb
    Suzanne....Chad's Mom
    Suzanne...Chads Mom
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      I hope I can help you all. Like I said I haven't had that many improvements and am hoping someone pops up to tell me that there is still hope even after the 2 year marker. I have throbs and tingles in my hands and feet but actually no movements. Fingers twitch like they want to move but nothing. I don't know why I just feel as if I am not done healing. I am just looking for someone to speak up and say that it is possible.


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        I never recovered a ton. But, 10 years post injury, I was still having minor gains. These were in the thumb and a couple fingers in one hand. The gains were small, but big from a functional perspective. But, my point is that if you keep using and exercising the joint, I think some amount of recovery can occur well after injury. There is still hope.
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          Hi, my brother had diving accident in May 2010, broke C5-C6. 9months post got his triceps back (very slight function - just started feeling them first, them could raise his arms over his head etc - but triceps still very weak). No wrist, no fingers movement yet. No sensation, but can feel deep touch. Im also looking for recovery stories, will be good to know what others with similar injury got back, and what exercises etc help. Thanks for starting this thread, hope to see more replies.


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            My brother was injured July 2010. He went to Shepherd Center but they didn't give much hope. He's a C5 and has great bicep and is gaining tricep and just started slightly moving his wrist. When he first woke up from his coma (also suffered brain injury and left him in 2 month coma) he felt everything in his body, now he doesn't. He doesn't have a lot of spasms. His leg movements look normal, they don't shake or look like your average spasm. He has moved them on command but not concistently. Anyone have experience with this?