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Meningitis and Paralysis

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  • Meningitis and Paralysis

    I am trying to find information for a friend. Her husband has been critically ill in ICU. She was told Saturday that he was paralyzed. Then, today the doctors said he had meningitis. Is there any information that I can relay to her? Treatment? And... the chances he might recover and regain function?

    Thanks in advance for any info anyone might have.

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    Bacterial meningitis?

    My understanding is that paralysis is possible with meningitis. Hopefully a nurse will chime in with more information.

    Do you know anything else about the situation? Is he able to move anything? Conscious? Breathing on his own? Age? General health? Etc.

    Paralysis is a persnickety thing. In my opinion there is always hope for recovery.

    Prayers for the family.
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      My son has Bacterial Meningitis

      My son got bacterial meningitis during his brain tumor surgery and is being treated with antibiotics (Meropenum).

      However, his functions were declining over the past few weeks to the point where he is paralyzed. He need to be intubated to keep him breathing.

      Am terrified about his condition, he is 15. Will he be able to recover and regain his functions? Is the condition temporary?

      Let me know, thanks.