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T12 fracture: 5 weeks after surgery

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  • T12 fracture: 5 weeks after surgery

    5 weeks ago I "shattered" my T12 in a SUV roller-over. I am so thankful to be alive and able to walk with a walker. I still have a numb/tingling feeling to both of my feet. Very aggravating to say the least, but again, I'm glad I can feel my feet. Immediately after the accident I knew I had done something to my back because it was agonizing to sit and I could literally feel the feeling drain from my thighs down to my feet. I thought I was going to be paralyzed. I was sedated for 3 days in ICU before I could have the repair surgery and spent another week and a half in the hospital recovering. I have an incision on my left side that is about 11" long. I had my floating ribs (bottom 2) removed on that side and the removal of the broken vertebrae was done from the posterior (back) spine. I had a complete fusion from T11 to L1. As my surgeon put it, I have a lot of extensive hardware in there. I am hoping to trade the walker for a cane soon. While in the hospital my calf muscles atrophied. Slowly they are rebuilding, but I still have a lot of overall weakness in my right leg. If anyone has had this type of similar surgery I would love to know how long ago and how are you today? Can I expect for these strange feet sensations to go away? I have pain still in my lumbar area around to the left side of my belly button. Will this eventually subside? I go back to the orthpaedist in 3 weeks. Hoping to get feedback before then from actual patients. If it makes any difference in my recovery time, I'm a 36 year old, medium framed, female.

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    Only five weeks, heck ya, you can have a lot of return yet. Sounds like you are already. Work hard and try to limit the pain meds etc as they may have an affect n your getting more return.

    Congrats on the recovery so far, keep us informed, if you would, on how it's going.


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      Man you are one lucky dude. VERY LUCKY. There is no way for anyone to say what your recovery path will be. Each one is different. As far as the feeling returning, it just depends on how badly and what kind of injury there was to your spinal cord. That goes for the strength and function as well. Were you released from the hospital and sent home with no rehab at all? Also are your bowles and bladder involved at all?
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        Improvements - Hell Yea

        yea you bet it's early, I'm T4 incomplete and at 19 months I'm still experiencing some changes in feeling and I can make more movements than before, I'm not going to run the marathon anytime in the next couple of yeard but there are changes none the less.

        Work hard you have such a good chance in front of you and keep hoping.

        Keep us posted of your progress.


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          I'm a T12 incomplete from a burst, got a 13"inch on my left side, got pic's on my profile. Sad to say it's been over 8 yrs now and my feet have the burn, tingling like and it feels like I walk on broken glass!!!!!!! At first the foot pain wasn't as bas as time wore on but NOTHING has helped with the pain! been on a patch and that didn't even help so I just tuff it out till I have to lay down. I'm going to post a link to a really good T12 thread. Anything you want to ask me please feel free to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!


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            I'm a T-12 burst with rods from T10 - L2. You are much further along than most of us after 5 weeks and will almost certainly have a lot more recovery. Do you have any bowel/bladder issues? If not, that is great news and I think that also indicates you can expect a lot of recovery. As others have said, try to move and improve as much as you can early on. Hopefully you are in rehab and can work with someone so that you don't develop bad habits in your walking and other movements.

            I recovered a lot after my accident - I was in the hospital for 3 months and used a wheelchair for the first 6 months. I use a walker almost exclusively now (crutches when I'm exercising) and still have bowel/bladder issues.

            Let us know if you have any questions.

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              I am also a T12-L1 burst and after 20 years(this year) the pain that Duge is describing is getting to me something horrible. I was trapped in the car for five hours and had no feeling below the waist at first. What I do have, came back gradually over the years, with the bulk of it in the first two weeks of rehabilitation after the accident meaning I could tell I was standing etc. I was in the hospital 8 weeks(acute 2 and rehab 6).

              I also have a fusion but the bone was taken from my hip.

              I walk with a cane and AFO's because I still have foot drop and cannot move my feet from the ankles down.

              Your strange sensations may or may not go away. It depends on how much long term damage you have to the nerves. Unfortunately, at our level, the nerves split off into lots of different places so it is hard to tell exactly.

              Why are you not in a rehabilitation hospital? You could get the best treatment there as opposed to trying to strengthen your lower body on your own.
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                I'm starting to wonder about this poster. No more responses and some things about the original post are causing me to wonder if this is real!
                L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!


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                  Yea, reading it again, there was a lot went on in only 5 weeks!