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    I meant no offence

    Lucy, I also did not mean to sound inconsiderate and if you say it's possible to get that messed up and still be back on the street so quickly then I bow to your experience and I apologise.
    Likewise Rachel if you want our help we are here just ask, I just would have expected someone looking for answers to have come back quickly looking for them that's all.

    Smile everyone life is tough enough as it is.


      L1 Complete - Injury 3/12/06 - Grateful to be alive!!!!


        Hi ,welcome to cc


          Wow. Your story is very simliar to mine. Except I was hit off the road, and instead of being taken to an open field (I live in LA) they just drove me straight to the hospital. The media was there tho (again I live in LA lol).

          You even have the same return I had when I was 2 months post.

          What I did.

          Vitamin B Complex (can buy it at GNC). and Vitamin Water (Which ever had Vitamin B)
          I basically loaded on that, it's all I drank. I also tried to move my legs and feet every commercial break as I laid there, then, one day, my muscles started moving underneath my skin, I would flex them every chance I got, every hour, every time I just sat there and it came to mind to move them, sure enough the muscles got strong enough for me to see my toes move, once that happened, I wiggled them every chance I got until my entire foot moved, then leg, then hips, etc. fast forward today, I walk on forearm crutches or 2 canes depending on the terrain. I still use my chair for mid/long distances. I am 3.5 years post.

          Everyones different, but it's worth a shot. Vitamin B recovers nerves.

          ps. Welcome to the community. Just remember that everyone is different, everyone comes from different backgrounds and have different views. but most importantly there are a lot of helpful people, with a lot of experience, and good hearts. Use the search engine, as there are loads of information around. Any question you've had, has probably been asked. That's whats so cool about this site. If it weren't for this place, I would have been lost when I first got injured.