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Ok, so I'm not 'new', but I'm new to this part...

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    Listen to the doc Coleen! You are making good progress.


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      Just saw this Coleen, I'm glad everything went well. I had my surgery a year ago in the same area. He put two spacers in and rods and pins. Mine lasted nine hours and the surgery itself went well, it's just I went south afterwards with complications. After two months in the hospital, I had to learn to walk again. I went in with a cane and now use a walker and w/c. They have been wanting me to get an AFO, and I keep putting it off. I've had a problem with swelling since the surgery and I think that's going to be a problem.

      Take it easy and don't do too much right away. Give it a chance to heal some.


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        Get the AFO, ten to one you'll be back to a cane after. The AFO allows for swelling - at least mine does. I'm using the quad cane, but it's better than nothing! I'm behaving now, stretched backwards in my desk chair yesterday & got stuck - my kid had to help me straighten out! Spent the rest of the day in my w/c, but I'm up again today - I'm limiting the walking though - learned my lesson!
        Thanks for the encouragment!
        Happy holidays to all!!!!!


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          Good to hear you are doing well Coleen! Rest easy and have a fabulous holiday!
          Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
          Get some hot water, get some iodine ...
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