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  • My Introduction

    Hello to everyone. Briefly: my name is Chris. I suffered a dissecting aortic aneurysm in April, 2008. After recovery, which took some time in ITU, I woke up to the reality of an SCI. Mine proved to be a T12 complete. I did rehab on the Tamar Ward, at the Odstock Spinal Unit, escaping in May, 2009.

    Just before my injury, we had moved to retirement, and I was planning to set up a Yoga class - I had qualified in the summer of 2007. This meant moving again within a few months. My wife had to do this virtually single handed, and has been a wonderful support during this and since.

    I am here against considerable odds, as most dissections (about 80%) are doa. Then after diagnosis, transfer by air ambulance was not possible, as it was already on call, so it was a 40 mile journey with blues flashing to Plymouth's Derriford Hospital. This where thoracic trauma such mine are treated. The third weighting on the odds was the fact that I had reputedly the very best surgeon, who performed an amazing feat.

    We now live in a lovely bungalow, with ramp access, widened doors and a purpose built wet room.

    Our local health service has just introduced ultra sound scanning for abdominal aorta problems. Will they do the same for chest problems? I had no pain before the aorta ruptured; it just did! The age of 65 is far too late in many cases, aneurysms can occur in relatively young persons, and if the repair is done electively, rather than an emergency the chance of an SCI is greatly reduced.

    I think the aim of all forums should be to declare war on wheel chair/and bowel and bladder problems.
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    Welcome, Chris!

    You will find CareCure to be a wealth of information.

    Best wishes.
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      Welcome Chris, my blessings to you and your wife on this journey.
      MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


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        Hi Chris (from one 65 year old to another),
        Sorry you had this horrendous medical emergency, but I'm glad you have survived all the trauma, complications, and have found a life on the other side of it. Welcome to Care Cure Community.

        I too have a wife who is a huge support to me (married 40 years, 28 years post injury). We are truly fortunate fellows.

        All the best,


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            Hi Chris, You are one tough surviver. Nice to meet you.
            Declaring war is a good idea in this case.
            My husband fell from an apple tree on Oct 08 and broke his neck resulting in C3 complete.


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              Welcome Chris, if you have your annual outpatient appointments at Odstock we may bump into each other.


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                Hi Chris, welcome to CCC. Glad you found us, but sorry you had the experience to join this little club.


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                  Thank you for all your welcomes. This forum appears to be very active! - which of course is what we all need.
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