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    my husband 51 years of age has been in the ICU trauma for 6 weeks has had T-11 & T 12 fusion, and his spinal cord was compressed - bruised! He can not feel his legs but does have movement in his upper body question
    is the doctors tell me this is something that only time will tell the final results~! has anyone had this experience or know of someone who has not had feelings to the legs but does come back?


    Hi Lucy,
    Welcome to Care Cure Community. Sorry you have to ask this question, but I think there is a lot of information and personal testimony on this website that substantiates what your doctor says, "Time will tell," and what you hope for, that there are any number of people who have had return of feeling and/or function to greater and lesser degrees after a healing period. Remember that every Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is different and it is difficult to predict what healing with take place over time. This period of watching and waiting is tough for both you and your husband and your families. Take care of yourself and each other, work hard in rehab to work with what you have now and hope for all the best.



      Welcome, Lucy!

      Why is he still in the ICU? That is most unusual for someone who has had a surgical cause of spinal cord damage without other traumatic injuries. Where are you geographically?

      It will take least 3 months, and up to 2 years or more to see if he gets anything back. Do you know what his ASIA category and level of cord damage (not his surgical site) is? This should be re-evaluated periodically at this time.

      Is he getting into a specialty SCI rehabilitation program? This is critical, and you will probably have to push to get him into the right one. Not just any general rehab hospital will do. He should be moved ASAP...the longer he waits, the less he benefits.

      Meanwhile, it is critical to start learning everything you can (and that he can) about SCI and how to care for himself and keep himself healthy. Get him on-line here ASAP. Be sure he is getting daily therapy for strengthening and endurance building while waiting to get into rehab. Once in rehab, learn everything you can, and ask lots of questions. Start now planning on getting him home. Worse case is he does not improve neurologically, but at his level of injury, he should expect to be totally independent in his self care and mobility skills even if this is the case. If he gets return, that is great and he will be able to do even more.

      I always want to ask if the person is by any chance a military veteran, as if so, getting him into a VA SCI Center would be the very best move for his rehabilitation and ongoing health care needs at this time.

      Please come back and ask questions. I moved your thread to the New SCI forum, and you may want to spend some time reading about the experiences of others in similar situations here. We will help as much as we can.

      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


        Welcome Lucy, and very best wishes to you and your husband.
        MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions


          Yes, 6 weeks in ICU is a long time, normally its a few days or so. He must have significant other injuries, what are these injuries? What country are your from? Chances are slim he will get any significant return back at this point I'd say from experience, however his injury is low and he still has full upper body so he should function very well, he will of course need a wheelchair.
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            Hi Lucy, It is wonderful he has upper body movement.
            I'm sorry you have joined the club of SCI wives. The waiting is the hardest part.
            There is so much info on this site. SCI nurses are great.


              Lucy, what is his diagnosis? what was the traumatic event?
              "If you are going through hell-keep going." -Winston Churchill


                Not to give false hope, but "bruised" is usually better than severed or crushed. Even so, you should both assume that after 6 weeks, you *may* have back all you are going to get and move on from there. T-11/12 is not a bad level to be injured at, and instead of concentrating on the things that are lost, but the vast array of things that still remain open for you both. After all, if you assume that there were 10,000 things that you enjoyed doing pre-injury, there are well over 9,000 things that you will *still* be able to do.

                I was injured at age 45, and feel lucky that I did have all of those years as an able bodied person to experience a normal life. At this point, a positive attitude is the best thing for both of you - time to be a "half-full" personality!
                Don - Grad Student Emeritus
                T3 ASIA A 27 years post injury


                  I went into it deciding to have hope but not to depend on it in case nothing changed for the better. The best solution is to keep smiling, laughing & loving. Every injury is different. I had bruising & swelling that as it went down, I recovered from c4 to c6/7. Others have recovered just about fully, some recover nothing. You just never know. Best wishes to happiness no matter what becomes. Happiness is key to moving on from any tragedy.


                    Sorry to hear of this happening, Lucy. Just have hope, and let him work thru it, it will take about 6mo to a yr for him to work up muscles,for walking, or wheeling. Good luck to you.



                      Hi Lucy,

                      Welcome to both of you. You'll find this forum as informative as any. Keep hoping! These incomplete injuries all seem to have different long term prognoses. More functionality may appear with time.

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