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  • feeling?

    so i dont know if this is feeling or not, my mom was streaching me this morning and ol usualy me i got my eyes clothes wanting to still sleep(but of course tspasms and numerous thing wont let me haha) and i thought i could feel my mom touching my leg i kept my eyes closed so not to seems like im making it all up in my head and asked if she was touching above my ankle and she said yea thats where shes holding my leg, and also when i try to move my leg it doesnt (of course) but i feel like a surge like tingle. was this real feeling and is the surges mean anything(like nerve impulses and such)???

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    sorry im not sure what cavernous is.. anyways, from ur profile it says that u just got outta rehab? meaning u just got hurt or sick recently?

    things can change.. i mean it did for me and alotta people on here..
    no, u wont get a drastic change like being able to suddenly walk perfectly fine but u might notice that u can feel somewhat here and there.. small things

    but keep on trying dude.. keep pushing and never give up (even though it may be hard at times)
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      With regard to your mother holding your ankle (and you being able to know that with your eyes closed), that does sound promising for the return of sensation. I don't know about the tingle...I often get that before a spasm, but my situation is a little different and am not sure about what it means in your case. One thing seems clear,'re experiencing more return, and I'm thrilled for you!
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        I know exactly what you mean by a "surge like tingle" -- I get them too. For example, if I try to pump my arms & legs real fast (like running a sprint) I can induce what feels almost like an "electrical surge" extending down my extremities and to my fingers and toes. An electrical surge or pulse may not be a great description; perhaps a better one is it's like hitting your funny bone (before SCI, when able-bodied) and the tingling surge that can result from that (though I am trying to recall what that felt like 13 years ago when I could still feel it).

        The good news is that you most definitely are not imagining the tingling surges. The potentially not-so-good news is they might not mean you're going to have recovery. Every SCI is different, but for all the surges I've had, I haven't recovered any real noticeable movement or sensation. But that certainly doesn't mean you won't -- so keep the faith.

        God bless!
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