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spasms vibrations after exercising

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  • spasms vibrations after exercising

    I had a c 6-7 a year called incomplete c6-7....started aqua therapy...just walking with assistance....and i get severe spasms/ vibrations afterwards whe i rest with fatigue. Also it makes me feel weaker....i am one year out....and i feel like i am going downhill....if i dont move i get stiffer, numbness. burning...if i move i get these full body vibrations/spasms that keep me up all night. i tried doing chest/abdominal breathing exercises and chest hurt all night long...thought i was having a heart attack?

    there is another disc at c 5-6 that is now touching the cord...surgeon doesnt want to touch me.....but the inflammation has started again and my neck in soooooo hot with pain? he says not large enough to remove? i also have the ligamentum flavum touching the other side and compressing the cord at c 6-7 which he wont touch either? i just dont get this? shouldn't they be removed? maybe they are the problem? i feel weaker?


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    Are you on medication for the spasms?

    What kind of doctor are you seeing?
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      I was seeing a neurosurgeon....who just shrugs his shoulders...and says....I dont know...yet my neck is constantly inflammed and goes into spasms. The pain specialist did some injections and it felt like i wasnt being strangled anymore and that i could breathe? as soon as they wore off i had spasms and tremors down my nec, upperback and chest? The only drugs i am on are amitriptyline, arthrotec which doesnt do must for inflammation codeine (tappered valium 6 months ago) anti-spasmodic drug yet?....because of the neck spasms i clench my jaw...ears hurt...i also have tmj from the accident?

      any advise that i can go to my family dr with would be appreciated?



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        doesnt sound like a good neurosurgeon ur obviously in pain and anything making ur spine get inflamed and swell is very very serious! i recomend transfering to another. and as for your spasms i would ask your doctor about baclofen pills or baclofen pump, real commonly used here in the SCI world.

        but i would have another doctor help you with ur spine sounds like its getting serious


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          It sounds like this person has spasms (not spasticity) from peripheral nerve or spinal root compression, not spinal cord injury (I don't see mention of any spinal cord level, paralysis or loss of sensation). While a physiatrist may be helpful, baclofen is less helpful for those types of spasms than medications such as Robaxin or Flexeril. Physical therapy and massage are especially important in these types of muscle spasms too.

          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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            Hi...I have loss of sensation in my entire hand now? The inflammation is present all the time....the biceps sometimes goes numb.....AND....if i bend my head forward....i get more weakness and stiffness in arms and legs....i have started wearing a collar again in the car and sleep with no pillow....if i keep my head up for long period of time and wear my collar....the numbness gets better....not completely though....but i feel that my legs have more strength? If i go for long drives (1hour)...inflammation is bad and i start to get frequent bowel movements that keep on going all day long....until i rest and lay down flat?


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              oh....and my jaw seems weaker and i'm slurring words, ears hurt. C 6-7 has a fusion with spinal cord atrophy and thinning, c 5-6 touching cord and posterior ligamentum touching the cord? Myelomalacia runs from c 6-7 to C 3-4. I get shortness of breath?