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injured 4 months ago...sux but stayin positive!

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    Welcome! You have found a great site!


      Hi - sorry you've joined the club here, but glad you've found us. We live in the Raleigh-Durham area, PM me and we can try to be helpful to you - my husband is a 23 year veteran of the C4/5 quad life. Our home is accessible obviously, so it would be nice to have you over and get acquainted sometime! -- Ami
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        Welcome to CC, sorry ya had to find us. As I'm sure you know, the news article regarding your injury has circulated the rounds, I personally read it on FB last week. I can't imagine the guilt your best friend feels. I do understand how difficult it is for you going through your best friend's engagement. I don't know if either of you have considered it, but you both might benefit from some counseling. It has been such a short time and neither of you have had much time to take in everything that has happened. It's not uncommon for her to have a bit of "survivor's guilt" per-say, and it's completely normal/alright for you to be a little upset/jealous because she is now planning her wedding(and possibly wanting you to participate) and you haven't gotten to follow through with your wedding plans. All of this is normal & expected but it will probably eat away at both of you if you don't at least talk to eachother about it. A counselor is trained to help with that. As for having your wedding, I have known people who have had a full fledged wedding, ceremony, reception, the whole deal, with just the religious certificate. The trick is to find a minister willing to do so. This marries you religiously, in the eyes of the church & God(whatever your beliefs are) but leaves your legal status as unmarried & doesn't affect your benefits as for Medicaid & SSI. A really good friend of mine did this many years ago when she had liver disease & was on a transplant list waiting for her 2nd liver transplant(her 1st one was as a child). If she'd gotten married legally Medicaid would have kicked her off & she'd have not qualified for a transplant. They had a beautiful wedding on the river, but had to find a minister who would do the ceremony without the license. This may be a possibility for you. You'd still get your certificate from the church, but not the license from the state.
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