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  • Anyone Currently at Shepherd?

    We are most likely going to be taking my brother who sustained a C5 spinal injury to shepherd within the next two weeks. My mom will most likely being staying alone with him. I was wondering if there were any other mothers currently at shepherd that would be able to pass and say hi if she does decide to go to Shepherd. My family and I will be traveling back and forth but i know it be good for her to make a friend.

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    I'm sorry that your family is in this situation, but once you have SCI, Shepherd is a great place to be. My husband spent almost three months there, from May to August this year, and we absolutely LOVE people at Shepherd. Everyone acted with amazing professionalism and went the extra mile to help. All therapists, nurses and doctors are very knowledgeable but at the same time so warm that it feels like a big family. The environment allows people to bond with others going through similar experiences. They organize events so family members feel welcomed and meet other families. Your mom will be fine, of course as fine as she could be the first few months of seeing your son with SCI, but at Shepherd she will find LOTS of support.
    We are still going there for outpatient therapy couple of days a week. Keep me posted and I could see her for coffee at some point while my husband does his therapy.


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      She will make many new friends at Shepherd! The families spend lots of time together in rehab and we all get real close. Of course, there is nothing like an old friend to see you through, but she will get lots of emo needs met there.


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        Check out a person by the name of Jackie O. Her daughter,Kristyn, was injured July 2, C6/7. She is just turned 18. She is doing very well there and they have a great teen/young adult program. I can give you full names and details if you PM me.


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          Thank you everyone. And Momo i will PM you.


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            Keep us posted.


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              We are at Shepherd now, just finishing up in the Day Program. My teenaged son was injured in June, C4-5 incomplete, Brown-Sequard Syndrome.

              He is discharged this Friday.