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    Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Welcome, Fred! Sounds like you are doing great, and congrats on your pending nuptials!

    Please also join our Veterans Forum. Did you have your SCI rehab and/or are you getting your SCI care through a VA SCI Center?

    Has TENS been tried for your back pain?

    I didn't know there was a veterans forum. I will have to check it out.

    I had my initial SCI surgery at UW Madison hospital. I then transferred to the VA Milwaukee SCI unit. I think I am much better off for having stayed at a SCI specific center. I now go to the VA Madison Wisconsin Hospital for my day-to-day issues.

    when I was in the ICU they installed a pace maker. This pacemaker has prevented me from receiving electrical treatments and also MRIs. I'm really bummed about the MRIs.
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      Originally posted by quad79 View Post

      I know you're enjoying being home, no doubt. I wish you the best when it comes to adjusting, staying healthy, finding relief & moving on with your fiance.
      Thank U. for the well wishes.


        Originally posted by bcsimpsons View Post
        Welcome Fred!! So glad that you found this site!! I have family that lives in WI. A big CONGRATS on your upcoming wedding!! This site and the people on it are wonderful and extremely helpful on so many issues.

        Welcome again and ask away .

        thank you Becky, you sound like such a sweetheart. Come visit Wisconsin soon as it's such a nice place.


          Originally posted by QnMary View Post
          Welcome Fred! So glad you are home but sorry to hear about your problems with pain. I live very close to Madison and was med- flighted to the UW Hospital after my car accident in October 2009. I am also a C-5 complete. Luckily, I was only in the hospital and rehab for two months and have done very well since I've been home. Where did you do your rehab?

          I have not been able to attend any SCI support group meetings yet because my husband (and driver) always has school board meetings on the nights and that SCI meets. I hope to go to an Achilles track club meeting this week.

          Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I wish you both the best!
          Hello Mary. We may have just missed each other at UW Madison hospital. I left UW Hospital at the end of September 2009. I then transferred to the VA Milwaukee SCI hospital until my release in beginning of February.

          I haven't done any SCI support groups either mostly because I don't have my own transportation yet. I do intend to join this Madison group however:

          maybe I'll see you around.


            Originally posted by DeadEye View Post
            Welcome aboard Fred. Can't imagine someone from WI having a name like Spotted Cow

            I'm a diving injury also, C5-6 incomplete from a dive into the farm pond back in '72. Great information here. Your BP will get better the more you fight it.
            I like the name spotted cow also. Besides being appropriate for the state of Wisconsin it is also the name of a local brewed beer. One of my all-time favorite beers. I had a couple last night while playing poker with the guys. I hope my BP gets better too. It's really annoying right now.


              Originally posted by NorthQuad View Post
              Hey, Fred. Welcome.

              I'm also a 6'4" C5 complete. Have trouble finding pants that cover both your ankles and bumcrack? Try Carhartt. They carry 36" inseam. I suggest the double front pants. They make my legs look half normal.
              YES, I DO HAVE PROBLEMS FINDING PANTS THAT FIT! I will check out those Carhart's. But I will say I have had problems with blue jeans putting too many wrinkles in my skin. I've been wearing a lot of soft gymnasium type's of pants.


                Yes Fred, the blood pressure things are frustrating and scare. Dave has passed out so many times it barely fazes me these days. Tilting his chair back brings him right back-it is when the chair malfunctions and won't cooperate that brings out the cusser in me. Fortunately we have that fixed.
                He takes 10mg Midodrine a half hour before he gets up and 10 again 5 hrs later. He also takes 0.1 Fludrocortisone in the morning. This seems to be the trick, every time we try to tweak it down he passes out. His injury is different than yours though.
                I have found a lot of information by looking at old threads on this site. Some of it you take with a grain of salt and some is invaluable.
                We have a Chevy Uplander with the Braun conversion and dropped floor. I about passed out myself when found out how much they cost! I was a Ford person before, so am sure you will like your van.
                (adding that I am not giving medical advice)
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                  Spotted Cow sounds too good to be true. Devo Alert!

                  Just kidding SC. It's an inside joke that will become clear to you if you hang around here for any length of time. Welcome to the community.

                  My blood pressure problems in the morning were solved by salt...more specifically a big mug of miso broth to start breakfast.


                    Originally posted by darkeyed_daisy View Post
                    Welcome Fred...Sorry you had to even be looking for us but glad you found the site. It is a wealth of information and even comes with a few resident smart asses to boot.

                    Anyway...feel free to ask questions or vent.

                    Congratulations on your marriage and good luck in your recovery.

                    Oh and I love the spotted cow....
                    are you one of those smart asses? I know I can be one. I'll probably do more question asking than venting though.

                    If you love the name spotted cow, try the beer. It is made in New Glarus Wisconsin. Delicious!


                      Originally posted by swh2007 View Post
                      Welcome and congratulations also!
                      Thank you. You all have been very kind.


                        Originally posted by 0xSquidy View Post
                        Glad to have you here Fred.
                        glad to be here to Squidy.


                          Originally posted by djrolling View Post
                          thanks buddy!


                            Originally posted by Sarah's Mom View Post
                            Welcome Fred! Congrats on this weekend!
                            Hello mom. Say hello to Sarah for me. ;-) I'm so looking forward to my big wedding weekend.


                              Originally posted by Spotted Cow View Post
                              are you one of those smart asses?
                              I try hard not to be but sometimes I just can't help it..LOL
                              T12-L2; Burst fracture L1: Incomplete walking with AFO's and cane since 1989

                              My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am. ~Author Unknown


                                Welcome Fred, I am a c6-c7. Same accident as you in '93.