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Husband is T3 Complete, closed head injury

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    I'm sorry about each & everything you all must now endure as a family.

    That was the most perfect letter. I believe you put it all out there, letting her & others know the daily grind as they would never imagine otherwise. There is more than the "chair", apparently she isn't remorseful for that so maybe the more bitter details will get to her.

    Well, welcome & best wishes to you all!
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      Thanks, quad79!


        That's a hard letter to read Jody. It's very powerful.

        What has the girl and/or her family said to date since the accident? Have they talked with you at all?
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          Just want to let you know that I commend you for staying by your husbands side during his "re-training" period for yours and his new life. I'm a T-9 complete and my wife is my primary caregiver. Even though I'm independent, there are times when I need her help. You will get through this, just keep that great attitude and stay strong. I do not regret my wife being my caregiver, it's brought us closer in many ways.

          Welcome, and keep us posted on Ryans recovery. If you need anything, just let my wife (Phyllis) and I know, we would be glad to share our experiences with you.

          It will get better.

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            I was sent an email when Ryan first had his accident that had a link to his Caringbridge. I have followed since then and just wanted to say that you guys are in my thoughts and prayers on a regular basis. I have CP so it is not quite the same as an SCI but, Ryans attitude through everything has been totally inspiring to me. I spread his story to all my friends (most who have just gotten their drivers permit) in hopes that they will understand that it COULD happen to them or they could hurt someone else in a split second; in hopes that it could prevent even one person from getting hurt and their whole world changing.



              Just wanted to say I will be in touch. Have been in the hospital with Ryan for another uti since Monday. We have to get this figured out. Life is hard enough and these make it so much harder. I even had to drop my summer classes today. The urologist is stumped but concerned and determined to help us figure it out. This is his 5th uti hospitalization since end of October. Would love ideas of you have them for us-thanks!!


                What does he use to cath? Does he have an in dwelling or does he cath every so many hours? if so does he use a new catheter each time or a closed system If you describe what and how he does it will help people suggest what might be the problem and or what is best given the situation


                  Yeah I suppose that would help, huh?

                  internally caths about every four hours with new cath kit each time using sterile technique (even though he was told he could do clean technique)

                  condom cath with leg/bed bag

                  This last infection his urine stayed clear the whole time. The urologist said some people are more prone no matter what but we still think this is excessive. He drinks a lot of both water and soda so I brought up soda to doc and he said that could contribute to problem but shouldn't be the cause.

                  He's doing much better now but it's so scary how fast they come on.


                    Originally posted by RyansWife View Post
                    Our kids and I watched the helicopter come for Ryan but we didn't know it was there for him. We can see the accident site from the back of our house. We thought we could handle it and planned to modify this house for his wheelchair, but have realized that we're not going to get over seeing that spot everyday. So now we are getting the house ready to sell and planning on building on a lot about 15 minutes from here.

                    I get this....I make it a point not to travel down the country road my daughter was injured on. I have been emotionally/physically ill driving this road before. I can't imagine having to see the accident location from the kitchen window. Building new instead of modifying is a good route as well....good luck with the process.


                      My son was also hospitalized numerous times for UTIs these past few months. No other symptoms but severe head pain. He is now on a maintenance dosage of Bactrim which seems to help, urologist wants him on that for a few months. I also ordered Microcyn gel, it was recommended on this site. We'll see if that helps.


                        i'm a C5-8, T2&3 incomplete quad + TBI. i just got my first car and have started driving on my own for the first time. whenever i see a motorcycle my heart beats a little faster. i slow down if i am behind them and give them so much room if they are ahead of me. just in case. i know i am cautious and careful and keep an eye out, but it is somewhat sickening to know that u gotta trust others to do the same and simultaneously know that they take it for granted! i was injured in a car accident and i know the gravity of the responsibility i take each time i get behind the wheel. keep telling your story! i hope your husband recovers soon. u can try the microcyn for bladder flushes and see if that helps.
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                          Originally posted by gurly2356 View Post
                          . . . I am a t3-4 complete injury & am living by myself and independent. . . .
                          Thank you so much for posting this. Hope is a wonderful thing!