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  • It's been a year

    It's been a year since my injury, and I hit a plateau around the 7 month mark, where, using an AFO, I was able to move from a chair to a walker, then to crutches & a cane. The pain was & is still there, without much change, but I can tolerate it better now. Like I said, it's been a year, and now I seem to be backsliding a bit. Walking a full block turned into 1/2 as long, the pain is getting worse again, the 'dead zone' has moved from my butt cheek to my mid back & is moving around now to the front after standing/walking. This isn't supposed to happen for several more years (not that I was supposed to get past crutches in the first place) so why so soon? Nothing that I can think of has changed, any ideas? (Usable ones, please)

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    you need to get checked by your doctor. is the pain worse? any difference in function?
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      I see her in a week.The pain is 'the same', but a little stronger. I'm not sure what you mean by difference, I still do my leg lifts (Have to help my left leg with my hand, now, though), still walk daily (am back to using a chair or my little scooter for shopping, etc) and the pain is back to the same as day 1 when I stand more than about 10 minutes - I was up to 20 - 30. I can tell when I need to 'go' because of a different (and new) pain under my belly button, and turning sideways even a little bit aggravates everything now. Ugh.


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        Hang in there Coleen, hopefully the doctor can be of help.
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          As always, I'm hanging.


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            I tried the StrongArm Forearm Cane ( because someone told me that a Physical Therapist noted that his patient had gone from walking household distances to walking over a mile outdoors. It's really helped my walking and I do not have any pain at all. It's because the cradle braces the forearm on three sides; isolating the wrist and making the entire device feel like a solid extension of my arm. May be an option for you. Good luck and let me know if I can help.


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              Get a full physical stat. This happened to me, turned out to be an unrelated autoimmune medical disaster. Make them check your Free T3 and Free T4, just to be safe.

              It was so gradual, next thing I knew I was picking up my leg w/ my hand to drive! My son caught me, and we suddenly noticed I'd lost tons of weight and all my muscle...
              Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?