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  • Craig

    Craig is the number one rehab center in the nation. It is the best and I would definitely go there. I know a man who is a C4 and was there for 11 months. He just went home about 5 weeks ago. They do very innovative approaches and have excellent facility equipment. We took my son to Harborview in Seattle. It was very good, but listening to my friend and her experience, I wish we would have gone to Craig. It is far away from the west coast though, and family and friend support is huge. Good luck.

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    My husband Dave was at Craig for 4 months. It was the closest rehab hospital to take someone as sick as Dave on a vent. We were fortunate that for that reason our insurance covered a very expensive air ambulance there. I stayed family housing.
    Being there prepared us for living the rest of our lives. We were back for re eval last Nov, was the same day a year before that we arrived there. He does not remember much of the first week. A nurse from Craig came to the hospital Dave was in ICU to meet with us and see if Dave was a candidate.
    Dave was still very sick when we got there and was a long haul weaning from the vent as his SCI is C3 complete. It was like boot camp for me as the family is very involved. Being there gave me the confidence to battle with doctors this summer(recovering from pneumonia) who insisted the only place for him was a nursing home.
    Besides the wonderful people who work there, what impressed me the most was how they pulled everything together for the discharge date.
    No place is perfect, but any complaint I had was taken serious and addressed quickly.


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      So, mfrench, Where do you hail from? I know Harborview, it's a very hectic place, to say the least. I prefer the U of Seattle, but the only dealings I had with 'Harborzoo' was many years back when a car fell on my brother (long story).