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Moving from inpatient to outpatient is scary!

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    So good to read your most recent post.

    We found that my son had good days and bad in terms of adjusting mentally -- way more good that bad and the bad ones came in bursts and didn't last too long. Usually, when he does get down I go through a mental list of things that help -- get him something to drink in case he's dehydrated, a snack in case he is low on fuel, offer to play video games or board games with him, etc. Usually the drink and the snack do the trick.

    Take care!
    Ugh, I've been kissed by a dog!
    Get some hot water, get some iodine ...
    -- Lucy VanPelt


      Cool - that's a real good sign!!! It brings back a memory I have of my wife being surrounded by a small crowd, mostly pre-teens in a not very nice part of town - at first we were a little apprehensive, but they turned out to be nice kids, wanted to see her chair and know all about it. It was a nice interchange.

      PeanutsLucy mentioned that the DME people know squat. It took us a while before we realized that. It's too easy to accept whatever they say, particularly when you're still learning. Question everything. Although they can be friendly, they don't necessarily put your son's best interests in the forefront - they're interested in making as big a sale as they can, and apart from having seen it a few times, they do not necessarily know any more than you do about the equipment they're selling.

      There will always be the occasional bad and frustrating days - after all, it's a real shitty thing that's happened to him - but with time will come acceptance.

      Best of luck to Robbie - and you and your family.
      - Richard

      Originally posted by SharonD View Post
      The most beautiful sight was watching him outside when his friends came over, first he explained to them how he was feeling, showed them parts of his chair, let them ride the lift in our garage and next thing I know he was racing down the cul-de-sac with friends running on either side of him. I watched from the window and cried tears of joy..Ive been so proud of him!