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    I've been creepin around the site now for a couple months gaining lots of info about this new sci world Im now living in, so I thought I would share my story. On July 18,09 I was on a little weekend getaway to Santa Barbara with friends. We spent all day saturday sipping wine and eating good food at a wine festival. We went back to a friends condo about 8pm just when it was starting to get dark and of course me being me thought I would just take a refreshing dip in the pool. I never seen the pool before it was dark out and I just dove in and head butted the bottem of the pool, smashed my head pretty bad and burst my C-6. Luckily I was fully awake, I noticed blood everywhere coming from my head and then realized I couldnt walk to the edge of the pool so I swam to the edge and started yelling for someone, no one was at the pool with me but someone did hear, ambulance came and off to the hospital. So 11 staples to the head and surgery the next morning, phneumonia, almost collapsed lung, ICU was the worst 6 days of my life. So right after that horrible experiance I went to in patent rehab for 4 weeks. My whole body was really weak especially my left arm/hand luckily I never lost use of my upper body after about a month my left hand got alot stronger. As of right now my upperbody is pretty normal, core is getting stronger, I have more controled movement in my right leg than in the left,but not that much, hopefully it will keep getting better. I can feel touch all over I just cant feel temp or like pin prick or pain. I've been going to SCI-FIT in Pleasonton since september right when I got out of in-patient, Im now able to support my body weight in the walker and I have taken a few steps on my own its just not very consistant. It feels like my progress has kind of slowed down in the last couple months is this normal? Will I see more progress If I keep working my ass off like I've been doing? I have also been doing everything with no medical insurance, I havent seen or spoke to a doctor since august so any input will help me out.

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    Welcome to CC. Sorry you had a burst c-6. Glad you are regaining more sensation and motor control. Great you can now support yourself with a walker. It does take time. Sometimes it feels like progress is slowed down, but you may well still be healing and improving and not seeing it. I am curious about not having health insurance. Would you qualify for Medicaid? (income based). The social services dept at the hospitals often can review this for you. Many hospitals have "free care" or other type of health insurance options. Some private programs may not be covered I understand, but having a chronic injury- you want health insurance. Try to get to a good rehab center and physiatrist (physical medicine doctor). Keep working! Great job and good luck to you.. Keep writing. Great resources here at CC.


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      Jmac, welcome. It sounds to me like you're doing great so keep working it. It's a long, slow process recovering from an SCI.


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        i been with out insurance for 2 years, its like a standard they have. Get SSDI asap and find out about medicare, i was qualified for medicaid and medicare when i first was injured so they covered all of my hospital bills, good luck.
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