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    Hey guys
    I was on a wonderfull 2500k motorcycle trip and with 10k to go I was passing a gravel truck on a single lane highway, little did I know the truck didn't have any working signal or brake lights. He turned infront of me, I hit head first breaking 5 vertibra completly blowing up T3 and T4. I had a wife 6 months pregnet waiting for me at home. We had a baby girl Sept 1st while I was in the hospital.

    Just wanted to share my story and to say I'll be hanging out here allot. See to be a active and friendly site you have here.

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    Hi Duane,
    So sorry to hear about your accident! My husband was injured 2 years ago t4 level. We have 2 young kids. We are hanging in there. My hubby wont use the site but it has helped me so much! You sould suggest it to your wife. I dont know what I would do without care cure! Good luck to you!


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      Welcome Dewie, sorry to hear of your accident. Lots of Motorcycle SCI's here. Get as strong as you can and try to keep positive. Your injury is still very new and lots of potential.

      Congrats on the baby girl.


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        hello dewie! I am a t4 due to a motorcycle accident. this is a great resource for sci. i wish i would have found it sooner. i am learning a lot. lots of great people on here. ask questions. just remember you are not alone.


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          hello Duane. Glad you found this forum. Lots of knowledge and experience here to tap in to.


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            Welcome to care cure. The site and people are wonderful!!

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              Welcome, motorbike T12 complete here.
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                Hi Duane, sorry about your SCI accident. Welcome to CC! Having such a young family and new baby while in the hospital must have been very challenging. I am sorry. Congratulations on your new baby girl! Keep posting.


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                  Stay strong.
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