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Hello, I am a C5 Burst Fracture Patient - 6/21/2009

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    I was going to ask that but thought it might be a tad nosey! LOL!!


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      Elaine, We can always wondering of what if ....
      My son got injuried on July 2008 from diving accident near Camp Pendleton. The accident occured around 1 pm and he had surgery the same day. He is C6/7 and he has not have any motor function back.
      He continues to work hard each day. His biceps are very strong. He has some triceps but still very weak. He can transfer himself with little assistance. My son is 22 y.o.
      Good luck to CJ and your family.


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        Thanks and I agree! Hard work is the key! We are aiming for anything and EVERYTHING!!! Good luck to you and yours as well!


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          your very lucky, i dint quite read to see how long you were under full quadripegia,
          i think one year as a vent dependent quad, or one year as a high quad would be sufficent to really understand it.
          you received what many people here wish they got
          " 1 do over"
          wouldnt be a good idea to ride a motorcycle again, or put yourself in jeopordy , Vespas only
          cauda equina


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            Originally posted by CJ'S-MOM View Post
            I was going to ask that but thought it might be a tad nosey! LOL!!
            I am happy to answer that question. The bike was sold almost immediately afterwards! I plan to never get back on.

            It was fun but not worth dying for kind of fun. And I can't do that to my family and my friends again. It was a mistake (for me) to get into motorcycling from the beginning. I actually only got into it because a friend got into it-- I never really liked bikes so in a way it's a sore point for me. I always wonder, if I got this injury doing something I loved, like skiing, would I be less angry at myself?

            It's 4 months post tonight and I've given up on most of the anger and regret and look forward to increasing strength every day. Today I walked 20 minutes in the city of San Francisco's hilly NOPA neighborhood near law school and I had only minimal buzzing.

            Celebrex has been the likely contributor to keeping the buzzing in my arms and legs down. My NS's theory and I agree, is that there is scar tissue forming around the cavity left behind by the complete C5 corpectomy. That scar tissue is touching and agitating the spinal cord. So with a powerful anti-inflammatory like Celebrex, the scar tissue may physically be less in contact with the spinal cord. The downside though, is: I don't sleep much. Celebrex insomnia and general chest tightness are the side effect symptoms I have to trade with to reduce the buzzing.

            I am up to 21 pushups this week and the 20 minute walk was a new record. Life is getting better every day. I can't complain! Thank you, everyone, for your support. Let's all keep working hard together, every day.

            - Kendrick

            PS: Elaine, thank you for your kind comments and the open invitation. Please do send me a message the next time you and your family visit San Francisco as well.
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            C5 Burst Fracture - Motorcycle - June 21st, 2009 - Father's Day.


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              Here... this is probably a more exciting picture than my bionic neck x-ray in my profile avatar:

              - K
              C5 Burst Fracture - Motorcycle - June 21st, 2009 - Father's Day.


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                Anytime Kendrick! I am glad to hear that you are still getting better every day! Take care of yourself! I will definitely give you a shout if we ever get out to Cali!



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                  Dear SCI Community,

                  Last week was 5 months post for me. The xrays show that titanium instrumentation is in place and intact. But that's not the best part.

                  All my neuropathic buzzing pain is gone as of two weeks ago! I've taken myself off Lyrica. My neurosurgeon was super surprised and in disbelief. Last time I saw him, I was complaining of pain so severe that my fingers felt like they were on fire and that I couldn't hold a pen to take notes in class during the first part of my law school semester. I had to sleep in my car between classes just to get through the day at school. All that is in the past now.

                  I've spent more time in meditation and a lot of visualization-- right down to the cellular level. I make myself believe in healing, every day. I still don't believe in the new-age stuffs too much but I know it keeps me happier to declare that I will always improve, every day. I've been able to return to the gym and work out at 100% of my previous weights. I've done laps in the pool and got to play some soccer today before Thanksgiving dinner.

                  I feel extremely fortunate and the way I experience every day is very different now since the accident. I feel like there is no time to waste and that life is too precious. Life tastes so much sweeter now. I was very happy with my life before, but this is ... it's different. I've really been given a second chance.

                  I'm still on my Celebrex at 200mg a day but giving myself 30-60 days to be med-free. When I forget to take it for a day, my neck feels a little sore like I've been working out too hard. I know that will improve over time.

                  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Take care!


                  C5 Burst Fracture - Motorcycle - June 21st, 2009 - Father's Day.


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                    Dear SCI Community,

                    I know I haven't updated in a while but everything has been wonderful. I did end up achieving my goal of no meds in the time frame I wanted-- I got off all medications the week after Christmas. At times, I had horrible pains near the surgical sites but through will power and rationalization, I just kept telling myself that those pains were not real. My bones are growing and I have been repaired-- it's just withdrawal. It worked. I played a round of golf last Friday and felt great.

                    The only remaining symptoms are occasional periods of soreness in the soft tissues around the back of my neck and some buzzing sensations behind my left shoulder blade. The buzzing sensations occur for 20-30 seconds maybe a couple times a day. I figure hey, I'm getting older and I would have had aches and pains eventually anyway! I don't let it bother me. I am convinced that as I heal more, those pains will go away too.

                    I wish everyone all the best and continue to cheer for your hard work!

                    - K
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                    C5 Burst Fracture - Motorcycle - June 21st, 2009 - Father's Day.


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                      Hey Khat, I was in your old neighborhood yesterday. Congratulations on the remarkable recovery. Interesting that you mention the survivor guilt. I find it intriguing but totally understandable. I see it at GF. Feel assured that everyone celebrates along with you.


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                        u r very lucky and i wish to god for ur upcoming future....