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mother in law had a small spinal stroke?????

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  • mother in law had a small spinal stroke?????

    My mother-in-law had a bladder tuck back in 08'. Ever since then she has experienced pain in her lower right side and down her right leg. She has went back into surgery once to remove a blood clot. They also told her that the doctor pinched a nerve and will always have pain there. She has now had to start going to a pain clinic to manage the pain and nothing really helps. She just went to the doctor today and had a test? done and they have told her she suffered a "small" spinal stroke. I looked it up on the net and people are paralyzed for days cant move their legs, etc. She has never not been able to walk just in severe pain. I am worried that she has something a little more wrong and the doctor is blowing her off. Could you please help me understand "small" spinal stroke so maybe I can help her? Thank You. Beth

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    What kind of doctor did she see today? What kind of test? It would take an MRI to determine if she had a spinal cord stroke in the past. Spinal cord strokes are rare, and without a precipitating event or sudden loss of function, even if brief, almost unhead of. Has she seen a good neurologist?

    Where was the blood clot that was surgically removed? Was this around the same time as the bladder surgery?

    Pain going down the leg sounds like sciatica, which is not caused by a spinal stroke, but instead nearly always by spinal nerve (root) impingement from a disk or spinal stenosis. It would be very rare, and I am not sure how, that a bladder tuck could cause a spinal cord infarction or stroke. I suppose it is possible that such as surgery could cause damage to the sciatic nerve, and tests such as a SSEP could detect that.

    It would have to be a very small spinal cord stroke to not cause any problems at all with bowel or bladder function, sexual functioning, or walking. If she has not seen a good neurologist, she should do so.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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      I am not a medical expert, but I suffered a spinal stroke almost one year ago. A spinal stroke usually causes some paralysis and usually affects both sides. Loss of sensation is common. If her ONLY symptom is severe pain, it doesn't sound like a spinal stroke in my humble opinion.


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        Beth, how's your mother-in-law doing? Has she seen a neurologist yet? I hope she's better soon!


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          beth brown

          Hi Beth,

          Reading your story about your mum does not seem compatible with a spinal stroke in comparison with my spinal stroke which I suffered on 10 November last year while I was working in Belfast Uk.
          I was driving my car at 3pm feeling fine, when all of a sudden I felt massive acute pain in my chest(diaphragm area) and across my shoulder blades. This pain was so severe I knew I needed hospital treatment.I managed to get to a local hospital within a short while but along my strength was leaving me. Within two hours I had lost the use of my legs totally, and had also suffered loss of feeling and sensation in my lower body from my chest (c6) down to my toes.This included difficulty with my bowels for several weeks. After three days an MRI confirmed I had suffered a rare spinal stroke which shocked me and all who knew me as I was always so fit.
          After around three weeks I began to get some feeling and partial use of my left leg. Mobility in my right leg slowly followed with lots of physiotherapy.I then began to experience spasms in my legs which blighted my walking. I also began to suffer high nueropathic pain in my lower spine and legs,The pain at present is still with me but marginally controlled with drugs. My consultant tells me that recovery can take up to three years, but it is uncertain to what level.
          I hope my experience goes some way to you understanding my particular rare spinal stroke.

          Regards Striker aka Tony, Wales UK