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Abdominal Paralysis

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  • Abdominal Paralysis

    I am new to this forum but am wondering if anyone has ever heard of my problem or knows someone with it or even better can refer me to a doctor.

    I have paralysis of the right abdominal wall from a tumor and the removal of it. I have a hard time walking and am in a lot of pain because my stomach continues to stretch and tear. I have seen the term "quad belly" and I guess I have that on the right side but my left is starting to become damaged because it carries all the duties of my core muscles.

    I am told there is nothing that can be done. But I am scared of what may happen.

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    There is not anything that can be done to give you abdominal muscle strength or tightness, but you can wear an abdominal binder to support your abdomen and prevent the over stretching of the abdominal wall due to the paralysis. A 3 panel velcro binder is usually the type used. You can find them here, for example:
    (the model is wearing it too high should fit just above your pubic bone and not cover your ribs at all in front)

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