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Acute fracture of T12?

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    Acute fracture of T12?

    My 68 yr. old Dad fell off his roof today & the ER Dr. has said that his scans show an acute fracture of the T12. He put a call in to a trauma surgeon, but they are going to "manage his pain" for the night & have a surgeon meet w/ him possibly tomorrow. They took him off the back board & removed the neck brace, that's a good sign right?? Where can I find more info about this? Our family appreciates any info. Thanks

    I am moving this to the New SCI forum.

    A spinal (bone) fracture is painful, and probably will need surgical management, but what is most important is if he has any neurological deficit (spinal cord damage) or not. Can he feel everywhere below his injury (including his genitals and anus)? Does he have normal movement in his toes, ankles, knees and hips?

    If so, then he has probably not sustained any neurological injury, but if he has an unstable fracture, he could if he is not managed properly (with strict spinal precautions in moving him at all). He MUST be log rolled and maintained on strict bedrest with spinal precautions until the trauma surgeon and either an orthopedic spine specialist or neurosurgeon sees him.

    He is also at high risk for pressure ulcers, even if he is intact, simply because of his age and current immobility. Speak to the RNs and his doctors about what is being done to prevent any skin breakdown. A low-air loss bed is NOT appropriate for someone with an unstable spinal fracture until after they have been properly braced or surgery had been done. You must insist on this.

    If he has neurologic deficit, then it is much more serious and he should be moved to a major SCI specialty trauma center if at all possible before any surgery is done.

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