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NEW SCI Injury - on way to Craig Rehab in Denver

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    NEW SCI Injury - on way to Craig Rehab in Denver

    My twin brother, age 34, was hit by a tour bus while riding his bike in HI 3 weeks ago. He will be making the long journey to Craig Rehab in Denver on Thursday, my dad is traveling w. him. He broke his neck, and has fractured vertebrae from t-6 - l-2. t-9 being the worst. they say the has no damage to the spinal cord but it was stretched. currently no movement in his legs, but he has sensation. He is a triathelete, and has completed several ironmans, he is very healthy and strong. He suffered several other injuries which appear to be healing. He is not on a vent anymore.

    My family is looking to get in touch w. other families making this transition to CRAIG. what can we expect etc. We will have a contact once he gets there but we are just trying to educate ourselves before we arrive.

    If anyone is out there w. helpful info, we would appreciate it.

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    He is in good hands.


      I went to Craige for my rehab best decission my family could have made for me.


        I am glad he is going to Craig, which is a leading center for people with spinal cord injuries.

        I am not sure where you got your information, but if he cannot move his legs, he has damage to his spinal cord. The cord is very sensitive to twisting, torquing, pinching, bruising or crushing. It does not require for the cord to be severed (cut) for damage to occur, in fact physical severing of the cord is very rare. Only time will tell if he will get any motor or sensory return. It will be at least 2 years before he will know how much.

        Find out at Craig what his actual neurologic injury level is and his ASIA type of injury (which tells you severity of damage) and post back here. The fractures are much less important than the neurologic (spinal cord) damage.

        Did he get immediate treatment with methylprednisilone when he was first injured?

        I would encourage you to read these articles by Dr. Young which are posted on this site:




        I would also recommend that you request a free copy of this book from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Foundation:

        Craig will offer tons of educational opportunities for him and his family. Take advantage of all of them.

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