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my brother just had a severe spinal cord injury!

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    ChristinaK, sorry to hear your brother has joined us. As you can tell there is a wide variety of people here and most want to help. To keep myself focused, I try to do something everyday to make sci life a little better tomorrow. How small didn't matter because once we join this SCI marathon you can't stop. Keep positive for him.


      I was 34 when I received my SCI. As a matter of fact, today is my two year anniversary. There are some days I think I will get better and others that I do not but in your brothers case you wont know until time passes how he spends that time is what matters. He has had a life changing event. There is one certainity and that is he has had trauma to his body. There is not one here or in the Medical community that will know how much better he will get but whatever he is left with he will adjust. We all adjust wether we have an SCI or not. Life is about change and adjustment to circumstance. How we deal with that defines us as humans and as a society. Tell your brother to embrace hope and work his ass off in rehab.



        Originally posted by cdurfee99 View Post
        the REALITY is if you are paralyzed after a year, let's say, the story is set in stone!! The realty of practice and research tells us that chronic sci is waaaay to complicated to even grasp, let alone to try to ( gasp ) reverse. There is a 1000% more liklihood that a time machine will be built, which can transport one with a sci to their pre-sci days of happiness for at least a few hours. I am not trying to be overtly negative, this is the way I feel, and as of now, this is the way it is and always will be.
        That was not my experience. I continued to improve for 5 years and am now 34 years post C4 injury. I don't walk all the time anymore because of aging issues, back surgery and rotator injury to my good shoulder. When you let go of hope and gratitude you are responsible for sealing your own destiny !