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    Guess she got somebody to help.

    I was e-mailing this bladder regime to a friend with chronic UTIs. If you're still out there shotgun the bladder with:

    Vitamin C probably 2.5 gram per day
    K&B formula (K&B stands for kidney & bladder)
    Cranberry capsules, take the recommended amount on the bottle. Same with K&B
    Cystoforce is a sublingual tincture with herbs like K&B

    I also have my "break glass in case of fire" Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula called Ba Zheng San that my acupuncturist prescribes. Any TCM practitioner can help you. The formula is hundreds of years old.

    Life sucks without a healthy bladder.


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      Have you tried pillows or maybe a soft foam padded seat? This would (hepefully) help with the jostling, and might make him more cofortable in general. Plus, try leaving him on the lift pad in his chair - they make them just for this - it could help during those transfers. Good luck & best wishes!


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        He's getting much better care than some I've seen in British Columbia. Here it seems if you're 60+, do not pass go/no rehab for you. Our besieged health care system is rationing rehab.

        A proper seating assessment should protect him from jostling.