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6 days old c6 break and sci-advice please

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    6 days old c6 break and sci-advice please


    Im writing on behalf of a friend who has just suffered a c6 injury in a bike accident. Initially he was paralysed from neck down (feeling but no movement), and gradually he is regaining movement. At present he has full range of movement in both legs (altho right leg is slightly weaker) and his left asm has good movement but is weak. His right arm has some movement, but right hand has minimal movement. Both arms are experiencing differnt types of nerve pain, from shooting sharp pains, to feeling "like ive just been hit with a hammer" in his right hand... His situation is complicated by scoliosis, already the three vertabre below c6 are fused. The doctors say they will perform an opperation in a week to fuse c6 to the three below. Hopwever, they say this will not impact on the neurological damage. Has an$yone experienced something similar to this? Could you say a little about it, how ur recovery progressed, whether your neurological symptoms have gone completely with time? I had an incomplete sci at t8 nearly 3 years ago and my friends experience is very different to mine. Im slightly confused why if he has sci his symptoms are now limited to his arms and hands and not everywhere below the level of injury. Any words of advice appreciated.




    It's very, very difficult to say at this stage. All those things could be really positive starting points for recovery or ultimately lead to nothing.

    My own view is that any early changes are good, there are people here who couldn't move a toe for three months and now walk with crutches - but every injury is different.

    If there's ANY movement at all, work with it - hard. Get good PT and maximise it rather than settling for a non-committal prognosis that healthcare professionals are prone to (often for good reason).

    Good luck to your friend. Don't be afraid to ask more questions.
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      So sorry your friend is going through this. The recovery does sound positive, though like you said it seems odd. Hopefully one of the SCI nurses will respond. Try searching this website. There is a lot of information in the older threads and in Dr. Young's articles.

      Best wishes.
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        It sounds like he may have either an ASIA C or even ASIA D incomplete injury. It is impossible to say if he will continue to improve or not...only time will tell, but the fact that he has improved so much so quickly is a good sign. It sounds like at this point he has a combination of a Brown-Sequard syndrome (weaker on one side of the body) and central cord syndrome (weaker in the arms than in the legs). We often see these combined, esp. in injuries which cause severe neck hyperextension (motorcycle and bike accidents and falls).

        Did he get methylprednisilone immediately after his accident?

        Where is your friend? Is is a major trauma center? Is it a SCI system of care? He needs to go for inpatient acute SCI rehab at a specialty center, ideally one that has an aggressive supported ambulation program for ASIA D patients. Too often ASIA D patients never get referred to inpatient rehab and may not even get decent outpatient therapy.

        The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


          thanks for the responses. im not sure about the methylprednisilone, id say probably not seeing as the drs were completely incompetent and initially tried to dischanrge him! Hes in the Uk in a specialist spinal unit now.may come back w more questions. cheers.xx