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      Another Update....

      I just spent two weeks living with my sister and providing her care, and now another sister has come to take over for two weeks. Things are going so well! She is finally sleeping well, eating well,and feeling good. We just got her a 2006 conversion van with a power ramp and the passenger front seat removed so she can sit there. We ordered a 5X7 elevated exercise table so we can do PT at home. She is going to outpatient rehab 3 times a week and really doing great, but it is SO expensive. (Only three more months until she will get Medicare!) She got a generous donation from a local power company, and the group that she was with when she was injured is putting on a gospel music benefit for her in May to raise money to help pay for the van. I know we are dreaming big time with this, but we also submitted an application to Extreme Makeover Home Addition.

      We can see little improvements almost every day and it is so encouraging. She can hold and toss a tennis ball, put her own pills in the weekly meds box, fasten and release her power chair seat belt, turn the phone on and off and use the TV remote. Such little things, but such BIG things to us now. She can lean forward and balance with her elbows on her knees and push herself back upright.

      I am so thankful to have found this resource, and just wanted to share the good stuff we have enjoyed lately.

      Chris A.
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        Hi Chris!
        Wow, that is such terrific news! It sounds as though your sister is making incredible progress, and she is very lucky to have such a loving family to help her out. I will cross my fingers that maybe Exteme Home Makover comes through, but it sounds as though she is moving right along with your help no matter what. I will be very happy for you when Medicare kicks in, as that will make thing easier on the financial front for sure. May the good stuff just keep coming for you all. Best wishes!


          Just discovered your thread ChristinaA. So happy to hear that your sister is progressing so well. Keep us up to date.


            So happy to hear about her progress!

            I know the PT is expensive, but it is sooooo worth it. Our PT developed an exercise routine for my son to do at home and that was fabulous.

            Best wishes.
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              Christina A.

              Thank you for sharing the updates about all that is going well. Having an SCI generally isn't easy, and these "little improvements" she's made I think are actually big blessings.

              May God bless you, your sister, and all who read this sentence.

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                Thanks for sharing the good news! I'm so glad she's improving.
                I pray she gets better and everything works out with the help she needs.
                God bless her.


                  One Year Later...

                  What a year this has been! In some ways the year has flown by and in other ways it has seemed an eternity. My sister Beverly is still doing well and continues to improve. She still has no movement in her legs and very little in her fingers. She is back to working with kids in her church and is giving a speech to a group of nurses next week as a nurse who has seen things "from both sides now". Her faith, courage and spirit have been an inspiration to all who know her.

                  We flew from OK to CA in June so she could attend her grandson's high school graduation and it went pretty smooth. Another sister is taking her on a 7 day cruise out of Puerto Rico in January.

                  We have hired two PCA's who are working in a trial and training period and it seems that they will work out. Beverly has been accepted into a 2-3 week "second look" program at RIC in Chicago and we are hoping a bed opens for her within the next few weeks.

                  One of our biggest worries was about her medical bill's of close to a million dollars prior to her medicare kicking in last June. I won't go into details except to say we don't have to worry about them anymore.

                  Just wanted to say that things are working out and thanks again.

                  Christina A


                    Thanks for the update.


                      Great news!
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                        Thanks so much for the update, and it sounds like things are going very well indeed. I remember back when you first posted, and couldn't believe it has been a whole year either! How wonderful that your sister is back to doing some of the things she loved and also that she is getting some travel opportunities. She is very lucky to have you as a sister, and your care and concern have undoubtedly helped her enormously.