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Burst Fracture - what should i do?

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    Burst Fracture - what should i do?

    8 months post surgery, my MRI shows that I have a burst fracture at T12/L1 and am scheduled for surgery............. sometime this year I hope. No wonder I was in such immense pain. No medication helped. I am home bound and trying to remain stable. Luckily, I have two rods up and down my back which helps to stablize my back. I have numerous fractures but the most severe is T12/L1 and I can't believe it either broke again or is it a new area broke. We are so out of the loop. The doctors are so busy and don't give a rats tail about me it seems.

    I've been referred to Dr. Nicholas Theodore at Barrows Neurological. He is the ONLY doctor at Barrows certified to perform on patients with Prior Surgery. Is that crazy? And his wait list for routine patients is in Feb 09!

    Does anyone know about Dr Theodore? Or if there is another doctor that might perform on someone with prior surgery?

    Though it is depressing to know I have to start over, perhaps, it is a blessing in disguise. I can only pray this new doctor will perform a miracle.

    With faith,

    Hello and sorry about that. But you might also want to get in contact with Dr. Volker Sonntag at the same BNI.


      Burst Fracture - what should i do?

      I posted another one for a surgeon but I am posting again asking for advice on this type of injury/fracture. This is what my CT scan showed 2 weeks ago. I have yet to find a doctor who will see me for a consultation, probably due to my insurance (state program) and most don't want to touch a patient with prior surgery. My referral doctor said he will see me in FEBRUARY 09. I can't lay in bed that long. My original doctor is from another state and I am not going back there.

      If you are familiar with doctors notes, please offer advice so I know what type of limitations I should consider as far as daily activities. Very sensitive time right now, so please no smart alec remarks.

      There are post-surgical changes of instrumented fusion of the thoracolumbar spine with spinal rods and pedicle screws at multiple levels. Vascular stent and IVC filter are seen in the anterior paraspinal soft tissues.

      The lumbar spine is remarkable for a comminuted burst fracture of the L1 vertebral body with the posterior one-third of the L1 vertebral body severely retropulsed into the central canal resulting in focal severe central canal narrowing with the AP dimension of the central canal narrowed to 5mm in its greatest AP dimension. The anterior two-thirds of the vertebral body is displaced anteriorly approx 5mm. There are bilateral fractures through the pars interarticularis with thefacets slightly separated bilaterally. There is soft tissue or scar tissue seen around the disc level with the central canal completely obscured at this level.

      L1-L2 : Some soft tissue/scar or traumatic circumferential annular disc bulging is seen at the disc level. There is no visible neural foraminal narrowing. There is no significant central canal narrowing at the level of L1-2 disc. The focal severe neural formainal narrowing is located approx 15mm above disc level.


      The T12 level shows a fracture through the right pedicle and posterosuperior vertebral body of T12 without any bridging bone seen. The left pedicle of T12 shows some low attenuation linear signal suggesting a healed fracture through this region without replacement. There is absence of bone in the normal location of posterior element of T12 which is due in part to anterior displacement of the lamina creating a severe central canal narrowing with the AP dimension in the central canal measuring 6mm. This fragment measures roughly 21 mm transverse by 16 mm AP. There is moderate T12-L1 left neutral foraminal narrowing and right neural forminal narrowing.

      Postsurgical changes of spinal fixation of the thoracolumbar spine with focal severe central canal narrowing in the lower thoracic spine at the T12 level due to anteriorly displaced bone fragments of the posterior element.


        I guess more information is needed.

        Where are you now?

        What are your symptoms?

        Second opinion?

        Maybe an SCI nurse will offer an opinion.
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          Please don't post duplicate threads on the same topic. I have combined your two which are nearly identical.

          Where are you getting your care? I would strongly recommend going to Barrows in Phoenix if possible (esp. Dr. Volker Sonntag). They have some of the best spine surgeons in the western USA there. It is impossible to tell with the information you posted if you need surgery or not, but if you have cord impingement, you probably do. At the very least bracing would be indicated.

          The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


            I am sorry but I did not find the posts the same. One is asking for DOCTOR recommendation and the other is asking for a opinion on the findings of the scan.

            Dr. Sonntag at Barrows does not take state insurance and he does not perform on patients with prior surgery.

            Thanks. I think I'll post here for support purposes only.