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19yr old son c5/c6 burst fracture

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    Expect delays in the legal end, mine is going on 5 years, and no date yet. I had a building fall on me and nothing has been done. The people are large scale drug runners from New Jersey, and think they are god's gift to the world. Felony drug importers #1. They lost their boat and their cargo Oct. 1982, all 19 tons of lebanese hashisih off the coast of New Jersey. I have been crippled for life, my head is still above water, and I'm making the best of a bad situation. He has youth and impatiance, this is good, let him try at his best to see how far he can go, therapy is great. but it must, be carried on at home, and any way he can work it into his day to day life.This will give him incentive.

    As for the driver, get a good attorney, and go for all that's available and more. He's going to need it. I am lucky to have contributed the max to SS for years and get the max. This doesn't cut it. Currently I'm doing T-shirts and mailings to bring them down to thier knees and get them out of the community.

    Patiance to me is a four letter word, unfortunatly it has to be earned, I have none, and have had to learn it. It is the worst thing I ever wanted to do. But 4+ years later things are starting to get better. I can only hope that I made mistakes anD it could be sped up, but, I don't think so.

    Good Luck, and try to keep your head up.


      CJ's coming home!!

      Well good news, CJ's supra pubic catheter surgery went well and so did his flap surgery. Woohoo! He will be coming home on Wednesday the 27th. We are so glad that he will be here with us and not so far away.... I will not miss the drive every other day. I am very grateful for the words of encouragement and advice so far, please keep it up. We are going to be helping him learn how to feed himself, dress himself etc. I am looking into this MME Magnetic Therapy I have heard about. Any other info that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.



        Wonderful so happy for you!


          I decided to post an update after reading another post today. Sorry it's been a while guys but taking care of CJ, our business, two other kids and one just left for the Army in June it's been crazy! We went to trial for the guy that was driving and he was found guilty of intoxication manslaughter, 2 counts of intoxication assault and assault with a deadly weapon. He got 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine which was the max fine. He cannot be eligible for parole for a minimum of 5 years since they found him guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. He is in Tarrant County Jail awaiting transfer to Huntsville or some other state prison. The supporters that were there for the boy that did this was astonishing and needless to say they were appalled he did not get probation. Some were even my son's friends that had not taken sides. It was very emotional!! It was so very hard watching the interrogation of that boy right after the accident. There was no remorse at all for what he had done. We also found out after the accident that this was his 5th car accident, one was 1 week prior to the wreck with CJ and another was 1 year prior that involved alcohol and his parents continued to buy him vehicles and let him freaking drive! Of course they have appealed the decision but he cannot be out on bond while appealing because of the 10yr sentence! Thank god! He probably won't receive a new trial but ya never know! CJ has continued to stay strong and thankfully has not been back to the hospital since August of 08! He has continued to improve little by little each day and I am very pleased. It's a daily struggle but one I can finally grasp and get my head around as long as I only think about 1 day at a time. CJ has many friends that have maintained their friendships and take him out, mall, movies, and yes even parties, of course they never get out of my house without me knowing who is the designated driver. He doesn't really ever drink but every now and again has a beer or two. We are blessed to have a son that joined the Army and I went to see him graduate from basic training in September in SC. It was a proud moment and I wish that CJ could of been there! His brother in the Army wants to take care of CJ for us when we can't. He say's his older brother is his inspiration and was the biggest help with taking care of CJ up until the day he left for basic! Life has continued and now I continue to worry every day about my other two boys and their future as well. I look at CJ and how far we have come in 19 months! Ya'll were right, he has progressed and is not the same kid I brought home! I am looking forward once again to life and our future as a family. Thanks to all of your posts, I read more than I write, I have hope and faith! Keep up all the good work everyone!



            Thanks for the update. You have all come a long way since your first post. My nephew also joined the Army. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


              burst fracture

              I hope everything is going well with CJ.
              God Bless you and your family
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                hello i m frm india and i had also an accident same as charlie's.
                my neckbone c5 was totally burst and i belong to a rural area so not much suffiscient medical treatmnt is there but god is wid me and my family.i m admitted hospital my bone grafting is done by my doc and operation is 8 hour long after that its not accurately tell by doc that my chance to walk again,
                but some cure is done by phsical therepy and some by homeopathy medicine.
                this post is for cj mom that if she want to improve cj she must be treated him for homeopathy medicine.
                today i m able to walk but not run and able to write and i m totally independent.
                a can live alone at home and i can go to frnds marrige
                i not perfectly right but it is sufficient so
                you can consult to me for further medicall information and i believe that with that maedicine of only 60 rs. cj can be alright
                i m from india in mp so my english is not perfect so if u understand my feelings pls believe me......
                thanks and get well soon cj.......



                  What types of homeopathic medicine did you take?