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My sons snowboard accident

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  • My sons snowboard accident


    I am new to the forum. hello to all. My 17 year old son had a snowboard accident on 1/6/08 and thank goodness survived a bursted c-7 and fractured c-5. C-7 was replaced and he has been recovering. The last 4.5 months, he has a strong numb sensation on his compled right side which has radiated to his head in the last three weeks. He has pounding headaches in his right temple area, eye socket and bones in face hurt. He has lost strength in his rgt arm and leg enough for him to notice. He has the numbness 24/7 and it has been increasing. We have been to the ER twice, with CT scans and MRI and no one can diagnose this problem. I am desperate to find out what is happening to my son. Neurologist's cannot give any prognosis as their is no diagnosis , so as everyday goes by, his extremeties are getting heavier and he is living in complete fear. We are scheduled to get a 2nd opinion in 3 months..that is the soonest we could get an appointment. Has anyone out there experienced this? If someone could point me in the right direction for help I would so greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!

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    Exactly where are you located and what major teaching hospitals are located in that area? Seems to me that you want the best neurosurgeon with significant SCI experience at that hospital.
    Does your son's insurance plan allow him to choose his own doctors and specialists? If not, what does his primary care physician say?
    Has he been seen by a Board Certified Neurologist or Neurosurgeon other than the one that performed the original operation?
    You mention second opinion in three months - what is the first opinion?
    On the surface, it sounds like your son needs a real advocate to get the necessary help now. That's probably you.


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      Thank you for responding. Our insurance does allow to choose doctors and our Primary care doctor has been trying to get my son seen at Syracuse Upstate Medical which is a teaching hosptial. The reports were faxed to Syracuse 2 weeks ago and they still have not got back to my Doctor. Christopher was seen by a Neurologist in Burlington VT referred by the Surgeon who did the surgery. After MRI and CAT, the Neurologist cannot dignose the problem because he cannot see anything on his scans.
      I feel like doctors think I am crazy just because they cannot see anything and I will not give up pushing for another opinion. The Primary Care dr just prescribed Zanax to my son - as he claims the brain is powerful and can play tricks on someone. That made my son very upset, as he knows his physical symptons are real. Some days I feel hopeless, but I will not give up. I will start searching on my own and fax the records. My biggest fear is as time slips by, what new damage is being done.

      Thank you for responding and making me feel I am not out of line to pursue care for my son.


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        Follow your gut. For what my opinion is worth, I'd say lose the doctor. How dare he say this is in your son's mind?? Is your son paralyzed at all? (Hoping you say no to that.)
        Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


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          Beth is right, beleive your heart, it tells you the truth. Something is happening.


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            I am dumping the doctor. I have made some progress in obtaining two Dr's in Syracuse and they are reviewing his records. My son has lost strength in his right leg and arm and has a strong numb sensation on his complete right side including his face and head. Thank you for your support.