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Clinical trial for women with SCI (bladder)

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    Hi all

    So I was just wondering whether anyone knows what's happening with this research/procedure now? I looked up the clinical trial site and it says the study has been terminated.

    It seemed so promising to grow your own bladder as oppossed to using a patch of bowwl. Does this mean it doesnt work and has been cancelled, or is further testing // refinement going to be done?

    Be interesting to hear

    This is a link to the clinical trial site about it
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      I certainly want to know more about this so will check in periodically!


        Hi Miss Sept. & Brenda. The clinical trial I participated in is now closed. I received a letter over a year ago stating that all research and studies from this trial were complete.
        However, I was dropped from the study early because of other complications. After the trial. I still continued to leak. The problem with the leakage actually had nothing to do with the clinical study. It was all within the urethra. My urethra was just worn out from constant catheterizing. In March 2011 I had to have more surgery. I had a huge ovarian cyst(soccer ball size) that was giving me problems and had to have a hysterectomy. I talked to my urologist (Dr. Patrick Shenot) @ Thom. Jeff about having bladder augmentation and sling to my urethra done at the same time. Dr. Shenot talked to OB/GYN and scheduled procedures for one surgery. I was glad they could kill two birds with one stone so to speak... I now have a giant triple size bladder. Everything is going well. THe only down side is mucous from using bowel tissue for augmentation. Sometimes the mucous blocks up the catheters. I am so happy I do not leak anymore. I still catheterize every 4 to 6 hrs.
        If you or anyone is having urological issues I highly recommend Dr. Shenot @ Thomas Jefferson, Philadelphia! I feel he is the best of the best for spinal cord injury and neurological bladder problems. The whole urological staff and dept. are great people. Very friendly and helpful.


          I was offered the sling surgery ... was told it was major. Going to try and limp through 2013 with my bladder.

          I am still against an augment .. unless they can use a tissue expander like they do in plastics.

          Thanks for posting your experiences. Leaking here too after 20+yrs of crede/valsalva.

          Just increased my foley to size 18fr and that helps tremendously .. but I know it won't last as my urethra adjusts to it.
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