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  • ladies shoes? dressing up?

    This might be a stupid thread but I need some fashion advice.Before my accident I was a very casual dresser. Jeans sandals. I loved slip on shoes and I hated socks. blah blah. I hate to shop. Anyway I can still do the jeans tennis shoes thing, I gave up my million pair of slip on shoes.

    My problem is dressing up for church or whatever. My dresses were on the short side or flowy sundress types of things. I can't wear the short skirts bc I can't keep my legs together (no ugly comments thank you) and my sundress things get all twisted up during transfers. So what do you wear? Nice pants seem so boring, they are good for sometimes but ? Then I wonder what shoes do you wear for dressing up? I can't keep heels on my feet. My feet turn purple half the time and no one wants to see that in my sandals. Again did I say I hate shopping?
    So what do you all wear?
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    As for the whole purple foot thing I use tinted nylons (black, nuetral whatever matches) You can find some nice low heels and if you hook the heel over the back of your foot plate then your feet never slip and make the shoes fall off.

    Ive decided that there is no possible way of avoiding getting twisted up in dresses skirts and the like while doing transfers. if there is i sure haven't found it anyway.
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      The saddest day of my life was the day I emptied the closet of my tropical sun dresses, and shoes. It took me more than a year to admit that I would not be wearing those again. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. I was/am such a shoe whore! I feel your pain.

      I do a lot of mail order now. Go to It's painful to see what you can't wear, but there are some sweet shoes that you can wear, also. I just got a pair of darling driving mocs, available in great colors too!


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        Sofla...I feel the pain as well. I had two entire closets filled with heels for every occasion(3 pairs I had just purchased)....Suits (IBM kind) and party dresses....all gone now.

        I didn't cry much over the clothes but oh my beautiful shoes...
        like you.....even now I get a lump in my throat.
        All I have left are my handbags and hats now....whooopppeee...NOT!

        Quee ...the tears washed the "n" away
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          Hmm, long gypsy type skirts are good, you can dress them up or down, for summer when I go out I always go with the gypsy skirt and a strappy top or linen trousers and a bustier type top (they skim over any lumps and bumps) teamed with ballet flats (I hate my feet and can't walk in anything with a heel). In the winter I stick to long skirts teamed with boots or jeans.
          French sole and pretty ballerinas both have online stores and their shoes a feminine but functional and come in a variety of styles & colours. Plus the french sole ones have the advantage of having a hidden draw string so you can keep them in place but without cutting off the circulation
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            I love the gypsy skirts, but at 60,,,,I'd look like I'm trying too hard to maintain my youth....but they are sure nice. And, I now have two pair of shoes I can fit my inserts into which stops the heel pain and yet supports my ankles. I still keep looking hoping to find something really nice that will stay on my feet, yep I'd need a strape over the arch for sure.

            Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!


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              I go with pants and long skirts, great tops. I still wear skirts, but I make it longer. It won't twist as much in a transfer as a dress and it's easier to unbunch. I wear flats, no great Jimmy Choos here.

              I tend to pay more attention to the upper half of my body as that is where I want the attention.

              I still love clothes, love them. As for shoes? It's a love/hate relationship.


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                I go with pants in winter and long skirts in spring summer i try to find pretty open shoes with a strap in back so if i have a spasm they stay on i used to wear slip on shoes but cant anymore they fall off to easy. It happens to be this year long skirts are very easy to find they are in style. anty
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                  Kumps shoes, out of New Zealand, makes a great shoe. Lots of extra depth for heel and arch support. You can visit thier website to see if any retailers in your area carry them.

                  After 3 yrs of having to see my girlfriends walk around in sparkly wal-mart flip flops all summer (I live in Florida), I have finally found a thong-type sandal with a back strap!! Woo-hoo! Time to go get a pedicure
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                    I wear nicer shoes now than when I was walking. Short boots with high heels is my favorite, you can use them both to skirts and jeans. Short skirts over the knees but with elastic band in the waist. LOL, I drag them over my head, not from down. Stay ups from wool in the winter. My chair is so narrow it keeps my knees together and I like the chairs with a V-front not a U-front, more ladylike I don't like long skirts, it is a mess to transfer and when I need to go peeing. It is impossible to find nice pants here that is long enough so that is out of the question. So it is either dress, skirts or jeans.

                    But now in winter, I am mostly at home alone so I wear pyjamaspants and a T-shirt
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