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Hot flash or AD?

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    Hot flash or AD?

    Hello lovely ladies!

    Question: I’m having a hard time discerning whether AD symptoms might actually be hot flashes. Currently, I’m dealing with a hemorrhoid that needs a procedure, and after a daily BM, I’m having AD symptoms for 3+ hours afterwards. My blood pressure doesn’t seem to become very high during this time, but I’m just sweating so bad I can’t put on clothing until 3 hours later. I can’t figure out if AD symptoms are from hemorrhoids or if it’s something else. What do hot flashes feel like with SCI? I’m 40 yrs young, but my grandmother and aunt went through peri and menopause very early, in their 40’s. I’m not usually sweating at any other time, only lately it’s happened a couple times in the middle of the night. Sometimes the sweating seems like it comes in waves, and it’s usually paired with those goosebumps and cold clammy hands that is just like AD.

    Thank you for any insight,

    By definition, you must have a blood pressure elevation of at least 30mm. Hg. systolic over your normal to call it AD. Hot flashes are generally not triggered by pain or other specific stimulus.

    There is some evidence that early menopause is more common in women with SCI/D, but sadly little or no research has been done on menopause signs/symptoms nor management with that population. Here is one I am familiar with:

    Here are another few:

    and this article:

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