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    I'm just wondering if other quad moms had issues producing an adequate amount of breast milk. I was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks due to a skin infection around my C-section but while I was there I was getting 25-30 ml of milk each pump but as soon as I went home the amount went to half! We haven't been able to find a reason and none of the lactation consultants have any experience with quads nursing. I have some feeling in my nipples but not a lot and I was curious if that might have anything to do with it? If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it. This issue has been really frustrating.

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    Yes, this is a common problem in women with tetraplegia, especially if you have no or decreased nipple sensation. It appears that the reflex that stimulates the hormones maintaining milk production require nipple sensation. Talk to your OB/Gyn about hormones that can be used. This should have been discussed with you prior to delivery. It is unfortunate that your OB/Gyn didn't research this during your pregnancy, as it is pretty well documented in the literature.

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      As another quad mom, I was unable to produce enough. I also had twins so really couldn't produce enough. For me the best solution was in accepting guilt free formula alongside comfort nursing. So I might nurse a bit first thing am and last thing pm and when baby(ies) were really distressed and then top them off with formula and use formula all other times. So they benefitted from the bit I could produce and the skin-to-skin contact and I didn't have any guilt about giving them what they needed by using formula. Hang in there! The first few months are a rough adjustment even without having to be hospitalized for 3 weeks. You are doing great!


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        When I pumped, I got less than an oz. But when my baby sucked, she got plenty. I exclusively breastfed for at least 6 months before she started experimenting with solids. I continued breastfeeding til she was 2-1/2. I initially took fenugreek (oc suppliment) that helps production & ate Oatmeal every day. An occasional beer increases production, too (hops). If your baby is gaining weight & healthy, you know your production is good, even if pumping leads you to believe otherwise. BTW, almost no nipple sensation here - c5/6.
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