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    I can't change pads on my own and bleeding in any amount causes uncomfortable AD. Menses would last 4-7 days.

    Ive been using birth control pills to control the bleeding - Lo estrin and now Microgestin (similar products) - both of which provide 21 days active and 7 days placebo. I take continuous active, no placebo, for continuos control. Skipping a day or 2 can start spotting. No significant side effects. This has nearly eliminated period related AD and the messiness of pads and associated skin risks. It's provided great relief all around.


      i had hysterectomy 3 or 4 years ago because of heavy periods and severe blood pressure issues. i was 31 or 32 at the time. i kept ovaries they took uterus and tubes out. i am with lynnifer best decision i made. as like you meds were not an option and ablation there was a chance it wouldn't work.
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        I used a birth control called "Errin" which doesn't contain any estrogen or anything but instead thickens cm to prevent pregnancy. I went 7+ years without a period.