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Anyone had a total hysterectomy?

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    Anyone had a total hysterectomy?

    I am going to have a total hysterectomy done the same time as a bladder removal in August. The reason for the hysterectomy is because my doctor thinks that because of how many extensive abdominal surgeries I have had over the years, that if I were to get ovarian or uterine cancer (I have had 2 relatives who died of ovarian cancer on mom's side) and need surgery, it would be too dangerous to go back in because of the amount of adhesions and scar tissue. Since I can't have kids, I agreed to this.

    I am curious as to if any of you had a hysterectomy and how long it took for you to recover? What was your experience with hormone replacement therapy? Are there any natural hot flash remedies that worked for you?


    Had my uterus removed vaginally in 2011 due to bladder prolapse and leaking.

    Smooth sailing. Arrived at hospital 5:45am on a Tuesday. Pre-clinical, surgery at 11:00am. Lungs were lazy to start after surgery and I was moaning in the recovery room (lol?). In a room by 3pm. Slept that day away.

    Brought my laptop and watched 3 seasons of Mad Men on Wednesday.

    Uro-gyne surgeon wanted six weeks in bed, but the floor nurse won over and PT had me transfer into my chair Thursday morning with a transfer board.

    Thursday aft had coffee with room mate and her friend downstairs (Italian) and she brought extra lasagna!

    Friday had a poo (can't leave until you do). Floor nurse mgr said go home Sat morning ... doc questioned me but they needed the beds.

    Brother drive me home Sat morning and kept my car for two weeks so I wouldn't be tempted. The transfer in and out was fireworks painful. Transfer at home to toilet was also painful. Was back to normal in two weeks.

    Now dealing with a possible bowel prolapse. I still leak around a foley cath.
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      I had 1 2 years ago i think it was open procedure long recovery i had complications from an infection in the incision. I transferred to chair for the first time i think it was 4 days after surgery was extremely painful but i needed to get out of the hospital. I kept my ovaries however so no hot flashes.
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