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  • I never thought

    I never thought being over 50, sitting in my wheelchair, dragging around a urine drain bag I would ever attract a man and never went looking. He found me. For over a year now my special man and I have had one of the closest friendships it is almost beyond description. It doesn't matter that he is also in a chair and has CP and needs more help with some things than I do. We found a way to go enjoy frozen yogurt alone during the least busy time of day for the yogurt shop. We have our movie days and are getting better at picking things to eat on movie day that leave the least amount of mess behind. The first time he told me I smelled good after I had used some Avon body wash someone got me for Christmas I was almost shocked. I think telling other females in wheelchairs is the only place I have ever really spoken about it to more than just a few people. We live in the same building and being a senior/handicapped building we try to not create food for the gossips. We have been together over a year now and still experience new joys.

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    Good for you. Wish you many years of togetherness with your friend.


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      Good for you, life is short so enjoy when you can.
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        Go ahead and feed the gossips. Let them exercise their imaginations.

        "Blessed are the pessimists, for they hath made backups." Exasperated 20:12


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          Good for you! Enjoy everything you can, you deserve it.


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            good for you


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              My girl and I live in a retirement community and this is our motto: