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UAE: Uterine Aretery Embolization

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  • UAE: Uterine Aretery Embolization

    I am having a Uterine artery embolization procedure done on Feb 3. I am not sure of of all of the preparations yet, but I will have to be on antibiotics for a week before and for some time after. Has anyone else ever had this done? Is there anything I should know or ask about?

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    I had it about 2 years ago. It worked like a charm. I'd say the main thing to realize is that you may feel very sick (I did) for about a week post as your body deals with the dead fibroid tissue, so plan to take it easy once you get home.


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      Thanks Katja. I do remember they said something about prescribing nausea medication. I was wondering about pain after. I told them that I have no sensation in the abdomen, so I probably wouldn't need any pain meds. Now I'm second guessing that decision, because I did have quite a bit of pain at my sensation level when I had an ablation done. That lasted for a couple days. It wasn't enough to take prescription meds, but it was very uncomfortable. I was also wondering how long I would be sick for. A week isn't too bad. It will be worth it in the long haul. Thanks for the input.


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        I think that's smart. When I say I felt sick, I mean sick all over. I think your body's white cells and infection fighters are working overtime to get rid of dead fibroid tissue, and it takes a toll on your whole system, not just your lower abdomen (where I also experienced cramping and pain). I felt flu-ish, feverish and very low energy. I don't remember feeling nauseous.

        It was absolutely worth it, especially compared to hysterectomy (not that I would know personally, thank goodness).


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          Thanks. Mine was postponed twice due to the bad weather here (snow). I am scheduled to go in on Tuesday. We have more snow coming this weekend, but it looks like things will be fine by Tuesday. I'll update when I can.


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            Good luck! I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday.