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Ellen Stohl, only female with a SCI to ever pose in Playboy

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    Stephen212 -I was born into this world in Topeka, Kansas back in the '50's, the heyday of Psychoanalytical Thought at the Menninger Clinic . I was playing with my father's peer, Dr. Karl Menninger's kids before Dr. Karl bought our house before we moved to NY where my papa started his own Psychoanalytic practice. Psychoanalytic thought was revered as gospel more than any religious dogma around my house - it directed, partially, my career choice too- so we may have that in common (something other than cathing and hand cycling ;-) ).

    Ellen's words sound more like 'Cognitive Dissonance' to me than anything. She is altering the reality of the crappy deal of SCI-'no matter how you slice it' to an 'opportunity'. Please...

    I also wonder how individuals believe that a event like SCI enabled them to reach something that they wouldn't have arrived at without the gift of SCI. From my narrow perspective, I am on a single life trajectory that included a life altering SCI and have no clue what I might have experienced or not experienced had I not had this happen - to say otherwise would be pure conjecture. I am sure of one thing - I wouldn't know as much about chronic daily pain nor would I see the urgency to study the dharma without it . But that might not be true either !


      I don't think that SCI provides opportunity that wouldn't have existed sans SCI. However, the reality of a life altering traumatic events generally has a dramatic effect on one's life. Very few people remain the same post injury. How we choose to approach that change is what makes the difference and I think this is what is being communicated here.

      I speak only for myself when I say that I was devistated when I was told about the extent of my injury and the prognosis of never being able to walk again. Rationalizing was the only way it seemed to bring myself to a point of acceptance. I would make the most of my life regardless and use this as an opportunity to grow just as landing a new high paying might have been.

      SCI does not provide any opportunity that didn't exist prior to SCI, true. But it doesn't have to diminish them either.