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quad ladies how do you curl your hair?

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  • quad ladies how do you curl your hair?

    Im a c6-7 quad & LOVE LOVE curling my hair but I dont have much hand function. I can use hair straightener to straighten my hair but twisting hair for curling hair is very hard for do you quad ladies do it?

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    I wish I could help I have a right quad hand so curling my hair or even using the flat iron is outta the question. I getmy hair done every week and colored every 3 wks. It's a pain goin so often but I can't do it myself anymore and my hair is really hard to deal with.

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      For several years, I just had very short hair, but then I let it grow to chin length and got it permed. I like it a lot.


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        I use a curling iron brush, rather than a normal curling iron.

        Like this one:
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          chest strap is all i need, and gloves to not burn myself
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            has anyone tried a rotating curling iron like this:
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              Hey that conair curler that you see commercials for on tv really works. I was putting on lotion and my friend popped out of the bathroom and I saw the hair zoom up in there and after she held it a while, she opened it and a perfect ringlet popped out. I'll look for the ad
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                I see no problems with this working just be careful about the clamping, if you don't do it right you'll end up with a crimp on your ends.
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