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  • Wedding dress in a chair

    Soo... I'm trying to find a two piece wedding dress because I have the mitrofanoff and cath through my bellybutton. I having been searching the web but there is NOTHING. Any ideas??

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    Here is a list of threads that have appeared on Care Cure Community. If I remember correctly, one of the lovely brides had a two piece dress and posted pictures. I'm just not sure which thread. But, you may enjoy reading through all these threads for pictures and ideas.

    Congratulations on your engagement.

    NL (GJ's wife and caregiver)


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      Ready made dresses for your special day may come short to your liking. May I suggest looking through Vogue patterns and work with an experienced seamstress.

      Choosing patterns and combining them to fit your personality, rather than just a white dress. For example; if you have a favorite style of sleeves or neckline, you can piece your patterns, just make sure you are consistant with the same pattern maker (Vogue, Simplicity, Butterick, etc.).

      Furthermore, choosing fabric that has some stretch so that when seated seams and folds are not hard on the skin.

      Lastly, consider type of wheelchair you'll be using. I know its a strange consideration, but how fabric lays while seated makes a big difference on your wedding photos.

      Hopefully this input is helpful....Lizzenu


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        i had mine made just for me for the same reason. it was perfect and my guy did an amazing job. and surprisingly it was in cost with most off the rack dresses.


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          When I got married, I picked a dress I loved and my mom (who is a wonderful seamstress) did all of the alterations to it. If you know someone like that, it may prove beneficial.
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            I had ordered a customized 2 piece dress but the day before my wedding it still wasn't ready, it was a DISASTER. So I found one that would do but as it was one piece my bridesmaids had to come to the bathroom with me and lift the skirt up so I could cath my mitrofanoff.
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              Have you started looking yet at what type of gown you want? Mermaid etc.

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                I am not engaged or anywhere near it but I, too, have thought about this for when the time comes. I cath through my belly button and I have thought about dreading trying on dressed and what not so what I thought was maybe finding a top and pant suit and just having a seamstress piece an easy-to-remove skirt around the pants. Maybe it's just me but I can move easier in pants without the worry of a skirt getting folded up underneath me and being uncomfortable. That way, when the time comes for the reception, you could just lift up and remove the skirt and you're already in a pant suit for the reception too. Just a thought...good luck!


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                  One thing I found out the hard way, I wore one of my dresses that I had before I got hurt. Acually it was a skirt and blouse, well it was a long skirt and I was wheeling along and didn't realize that my skirt was kind of draging the floor behind my feet and the skirt got in my castors and got pulled way down past my waist. I couldn't feel it cause I'm T9 complete. So for long dresses be careful of the castors. I think at the time I didn't have the strap behind my feet. But still I wear long dresses and night gowns around the house.

                  When I gave my daughter away at her wedding I had a beautiful dress on that went down to my chens. So now I chose the mid lenth dresses cause they work for me.
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                    I wore an A line and my sister aka MOH held me and hold and lifted my dress for catheter