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    Originally posted by ForMyCousin View Post
    I have a big family. Most of them live 10 hours away, and several came to visit during rehab. Very few of them didn't learn to cath her while they visited.
    Wow, that is really weird. I am surprised that the rehab would do that. Mine taught me, and no one else.

    It is really a risk as to added germs and uti's. Does she know that? (And a uti means that she needs to cath even MORE often, make sure she knows THAT too.)
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      #17 all I have to say. She needs to definitely be cathing herself. In the beginning it is frustrating. It does take practice. I will never forget how excited I was when I got it the first try from a independence!

      She is young & immature, and it has only been a couple of months. Gosh, she wasn't inpatient very long. Thank God she has you! Hopefully, she gets it together soon.
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        when i was 7 my mom would try to get me to cath myself by putting me on a pad, give me the cathing supplies then leave. i'd cry because i thought it was gross. if i peed on myself, she'd come back, see i hadnt done anything but pee all over the pad and hit me. when i was a teen, i began to cath myself so i could go out with friends and get away from my mom.

        i've met a few ppl like your cousin and the families make it worse by doing everything for them. i know you care but u gotta stop. let her hit rock bottom first. but the sad thing is, the WHOLE family needs to be on board with this. sorry that you're going through this.
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          Originally posted by ForMyCousin View Post
          I'll admit that I was guilty too. I cathed her, bathed her, and did her bowel program more than once. I have a big family. Most of them live 10 hours away, and several came to visit during rehab. Very few of them didn't learn to cath her while they visited.
          Well, if they were only visiting, then it made sense they didn't learn. However, all of her family who lives in her area should have learned.


            How old is she? Tell her if she ever wants to be independent and drive or go places she needs to do it her self. But she is still a fressy so it all is new to her. But, She don't need to be waited on hand and foot. If she is over 16 yrs old it's time. I've been in this chair 12 yrs and I still use a mirrow and flash light at night. But it did take me 3 yrs to learn to transfer and get my bowel program right.

            Keep her on this site some.
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              I'm a T11 para. In rehab I learned to cath in bed with the mirror, the red rubber cath, the Betadine. It was messy and time-consuming, and I was still incontinent because my spastic bladder had reduced to a 50 cc capacity. I would have done it myself when I got home except I had to start using an indwelling Foley because of the small capacity. Wearing the bag of pee was awful too, and I still leaked around it.

              Once I had an operation (ileocystoplasty) to make the capacity better, I learned about the "female catheters" - the short pastic ones that you can use on a toilet and a new world opened up. If you have to cath on a bed, it's kind of hard to leave home all day. Using a long rubber cath on a toilet is messy. I guess it's hard to get on a toilet while wearing a clamshell brace .. but later. Maybe she'd feel better about cathing herself with these.