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    I ebay'd 1 w/ pads, due to my non-existent rack. It works for nip-coverage. Shows w/ low-cut tops, tho, and at least in the nude color, doesn't look like the pretty camisole as they claim. The pad-less would be more comfy, this is just ok.

    I've paid for many bras that were a misery-underwires kill me. This one doesn't seem to hurt as bad at the dividing line between sensation and none, right where my bra band always hits.

    I'll order more, but bear in mind, I'm flat-chested. It can't give me uni-boob as I have no boobs anyway!
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      I was interested in these too .. but read all kinds of horrible reviews online. Not for those of us in D cup.
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        yiiipppaaawwww, I love big boobs!!
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          For some reason I didn't picture you as a D cup Jody.

          These garments also do nada to minimize nipple show through.

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            Okay, I bought a pack of 2 at BB&B. I had a $5 off coupon so two of them for $15, not too bad. They are comfy but they do not flatter my figure.... They smush the girls down and I have "muffin" tops coming out the middles. I don't think I would have bought them if I had tried them on first. However, they are really comfy and I will wear them as sports bras.
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              Originally posted by Katja View Post
              If your straps are slipping down, you are probably wearing a band size that is too large (most women are in bras with the band too large and the cups too small).

              Spanx Bra-llelujah come with a front closing and wide straps with no adjustment - very comfortable.
              Katja, thanks for mention of that bra. I've always had issues with bras in general and this looks to solve the infamous bra straps falling down.


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                I got a knockoff at rite-aid. it is comfy. not terribly supportive, but look ok in it.


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                  Pics ;-)


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                    Ack - you boys are such little brats sometimes - now just go outside and play - and be good please - and thank you !!

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                      Originally posted by fishin'guy View Post
                      Pics ;-)

                      fishin'guy-don't you have some fishin to do?