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    I was hoping to get some feedback, from other women with SCIs. I've been living w/a C4/C5 complete injury since '05. With every passing year, I seem to get more aches, pain, discomfort & AD like symptoms. One contributing factor (I think) is my period. I've noticed a big change in my monthly cycle, I've been feeling really sick for months now & it's got to be more than coincidence that it always seems to get worse around my period. I've been struggling a lot lately, with coping, with everything in general. Feeling chronically ill, on top ofbeing paralyzed is the pits. It makes it very hard to find joy and/or motivation to want to do anything, when I'm constantly feeling icky. I know it's definitely not all in my head. I'm running low grade fevers, and experiencing chills, practically on a daily basis. I'm currently taking an antibiotic (I resist them until I absolutely feel like death. 1-because theycan reek havoc w/BP. 2-because half the time I'm unsure if I really have a UTI. Given the fact I have a suprapubic catheter, my urine always shows positive for some kind of bug.) and happen to have my period & I'm still feeling like crap. So that helps to further confirm my theory, that there's some connection to feeling flu like, when I have my period. Otherwise, I tend to assume UTI, but right now I'm being treated for one.
    Right after my accident I lost it all together for six months. Once it came back, I never even noticed its existence, unless my caregivers told me I had it. Something has definitely changed this past year. I feel almost flu like (achy, low grade fevers & chills) a couple of days before I get it & during the week I actually have it. It's awful. I had a recent OBGYN exam & everything was fine. I never had bad cramping, or PMS when I was on my feet, so I'm wondering if maybe I do now, and just can't feel it. I'm wondering if the flu like symptoms are AD symptoms, in reaction to pain I can't feel. I'm wondering if any other women w/SCIs note any changes, or AD symptoms during their time of the month & what, if anything they take/do to help.

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    I've never experienced those symptoms with my period but it sounds very uncomfortable for you. I have no idea what would cause that but wanted to let you know that I recently had the endometrial ablation and it has improved my life greatly. I opted to have it because of an extended period of bed rest after flap surgery. It's been two months now and I have not had my period yet. I didn't have problems with it but being in a wheelchair sure makes it a little more difficult to manage. You might see if this is an option for you. I know a few other members have had it and have had success as well.
    The procedure is about 45 minutes total with minimal cramping and pain for a few days. The bummer part is that your uterus sheds for a few weeks causing odd discharge. Overall it is well worth it. Hope you find some resolution soon.
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