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    i get yearly mammograms. have had for yrs. my dr. recently told me breast exams done by women have not shown useful. only the mammogram is useful. i have had mammograms for at least ten yrs. the machines now are totally accessible. the problem is the technicians. some are helpful, some are condescending, some are nasty.

    my last one was a month ago. my doc is damn pissed at the head of hospital over the way i was treated. she knows him and was going to complain. long story.

    short story: get your mammogram yearly. forget worrying about checking for lumps. get your mammo and don't take crap from techs.

    as my doc said, it's an accommodations issue. they have to legally have accessible machines and techs who can handle it.
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      Very true cass. Unfortunately, some women w/ SCI?D don't get an exam due to lack of access. Hell I'm still looking for a gyno.
      Again this is the first time I have seen something that wants to address the issue .

      Wendy ran a conference in Brooklyn last year for women with disabilities. An excellent start but there seems to be no connection between groups to advocate en,mass .
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        They assign three women to help when I have a mammo. Two for positioning and one to keep me from doing a face plant. So far it has been a positive experience, as they seem to come up with women who may or may not know anything about SCI, but they are warm and humorous, and when I am having my breasts mashed and twisted it helps to inject a little humor because otherwise it would be a slightly miserable experience.


          I turned 40 and had the pleasure of having my first mammogram done in a hospital that had been built 3-4 years prior. I am not a woman in a chair but I did ask how they handled someone who was. They also had a special lift chair is what I was told. It cost money and their disabled patients were just as important as their non-disabled patients was the response from the tech. They also even with me always had three techs around. I am a clumsy one LOL. I was having a bone density done also.

          I also have a family history of cancer. My aunt on my father's side had breast cancer. I was told that breast and ovarian cancer could not pass through his genes to me by my doctor back in 2003 when I lost my father to cancer.

          However, I just read somewhere that my doctor is wrong and my father can pass the gene to me. My grandmother died of ovarian cancer. Dad's sister had breast cancer.

          I will also say that I feel that whatever is costing the government too much money...for example now it seems breast biopsies....I believe I read somewhere they are being targeted for overuse. They do not tell you how many lives they save. From reading countless medical records...(I have to read them to code and bill them) breast biopsies on those little bitty lumps save lives. I don't care if some of them come back as nothing. Some of them come back as aggressive forms of cancer and when caught early lives are saved. So the money is well spent in my opinion.

          Get your Mammograms Ladies. It is important.
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            My wife was lucky, just got her first mammogram 3 weeks ago, and was cleared, she never had one b4 this and she's 60. Thank God,