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  • Vote for Documentary: Defining Beauty

    Defining Beauty: Ms. Wheelchair America is a non-profit documentary competing in Pepsi's Refresh Project for $25,000 which will allow us to show YOU a thought provoking film about four dynamic women with disabilities on their journey to the 2010 Ms. Wheelchair America pageant that will challenge the way you view beauty, pageantry and disabilities. Vote and help create change! VOTE EVERYDAY!

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    Yessss, I've been voting everyday.
    2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member
    Please join me and donate a dollar a day at and copy and paste this message to the bottom of your signature.


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      cool, voting everday now too!
      I have more to claim.
      I have to fight through the hard places
      to go and get it!

      most recent video:


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        Thanks guys! the more exposure we get, the better!


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          Thanks for the link, what an awesome project! I will vote as often as I can.


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            love it!
            Courage, it would seem, is nothing less than the power to overcome danger, misfortune, fear, injustice, while continuing to affirm inwardly that life with all its sorrows is good; that everything is meaningful even if in a sense beyond our understanding; and that there is always tomorrow.
            -Dorothy Thompson