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    sluggish bowel

    does anyone else else suffer with a sluggish bowel I have had one for twenty four years since giving birth.
    my whole life evolves around taking laxatives which i cannot live without after having tests and hassle with it the whole of my life im lead to believe its my interior spincther muscle that some how changed after having my son. life has never been the same since then if I eat a hearty meal i can get where food will not go through the bowel or move very slowly leaving me with sleepless nights.
    this has played havoc with my working life as well as every other aspect.
    because its such ataboo subject its only one or two close friends that know about it.
    it would be great to hear from some one in the same boat as me.

    I too believe I have a sluggish bowel. For over 20 years I have been told I have IBS as many foods tend to bother me causing cramping etc. I also was diagnosed with crohn's/colitis 5 years ago as the lest two sections of my colon suffer from severe inflammation. I have been given many different drugs to include miralax for constipation but I do not really consider it constipation as it is not a hard stool when it does produce. It just doesn't move through as quickly as most people and my entire colon is usually full. It normally takes a good strong morning coffee to get things moving. It is very stressful as often times I get the "urge" to go if I've eaten something that stimulates it. I can't seem to find any doctors that can help as they just want to throw drugs at me. I have tried altering my diet and have always been on a healthy diet meaning not a lot of fatty foods, red meat etc.

    My doctor recently perscribed a drug called Amatiza as he said it will help get things moving but I think it's just another drug similar to miralax to help put water in your stool which normally just causes diarrhea for me and doesn't help to empty my colon. Hoping for help to really MOVE things through!


      Hiyaz yeppers I been writing about my bowel problems and youre both not alone on this sluggish bowel issue
      it's horrible

      Wish there was something that made my life easier with my bowel problems

      Keep in touch


        Sorry I'm not a sci woman but I am diagnosed with ibs but believe there is more to ibs. My bowels are always solid at the beginning but become very slow coming and then becomes almost like pouridge or congee consistency. I have blood wrks soon and have to see what my albumin levels are. what volumes of liquids are you drinking that aren't diuretics? And have you tried eating fruits like blueberry to losen things up? My bowels are always on my mind. I hate it
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          You are not alone and it's not a happy life. It seems I worry about my bowels all the time. I took the Amatiza--did not work for me finally got off it. Took some meds via injection forgot the name it also did not work. Seems like no matter what I've tried and I've tried alot nothing works for me???? I just continue with the Miralax once a day but that's all. Wish i could help more, just wanted you to know I feel your pain.

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            Hi Evonne I tried that super expensive Amatiza and same thing as you said It did not work for me and #2 the outrageous price as my insurance wont cover it over here that one medication is Majorly overpriced .
            When the lady at the pick up window told me it is only $ 212 .00 I was like it is a little itsy bitsy fish oil pill or doodag lol sure look at my 7 milllion dollar diamond on my finger lmao

            My bowels are just fludged I dont like the sluggish bloaty feeling or having to rely on oral laxatives or even drinking the psyillium stuff or gylcolax
            bowels are just a pain in the butt ...

            When I feel really backed up I definitely go for my old trusty ex lax lol 6 of them babies and in 6 hours later I am lighter ...

            Brussel sprouts boiled very long are my fav vegg and many of times they helped .

            I really dont dig the taste of prune juice but 3 small glasses of that usually does the job .
            Confusing is the notion that I am just in awe of how screwed up my bowel issues are Shit happens ... I just cant stand straining .



              40 yts post and all I use or need is a glass of apple cider every other day. Sometimes they (medical establishment) put you on so many different meds you forget the simple stuff.


                I been trying prune juice and that yuky juice makes my intestines get jiggy

                I experience sluggish bowels so long I forgot what life felt like to be normal

                Shit happens

                Sincerely ;
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                  Hi, I am new to this forum. I suffer from bowel issues, and it sucks! I take a hand full of stool softeners and laxatives. I have non SCI friends who have suggested prune juice and so forth. I have to laugh and say dynamite is more like it.

                  It is odd. I am incomplete T-12/L-1, and for some reason that level is suppose to be the worst for these type of issues. I have a girlfriend who is complete C-4, and she takes one ducolax to do the trick.

                  It is so frustrating to be at work and be fearful of an accident all day long. My birthday is on Monday, and I fear this can only get worse as I age. I have been so depressed about so many issues (not just SCI related).

                  Anyway, I just needed to share.
                  Incomplete T-12/L-1


                    I have been using tap water enemas! They do the trick for me every time. Anyone else do this?


                      I have had sluggish bowels since my SCI so I take stool softeners every night. I also use the warm water enema once a week. It is horrible to live like this but gotta do what I gotta do to keep things moving.


                        I noticed this big time after a confirmed uterine prolapse. I almost went to emerge twice without the ability to evacuate the bowels. Taking lactulose helped ... I'm normally a big fruit eater but it was difficult to get out this winter to keep up with that.
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                          Baby xlax... pedialax. NOT the gooey suppository but the liquid in the applicator. Daily, sometimes every other day. Takes effect in 1 to 10 minutes. Got my life back on track.